NYC Part One

Whew, I am still recovering from our little getaway to NYC, it is so weird to travel without kids! We are so used to moving from one thing to the next in speedy fashion that, that is the exact way we vacation. Within the first 4 hours we had consumed half of the city which would take most an entire day! While I would love a nice relaxing vacation that is not what NYC is about. It is about WALKING and seeing everything! I am not one to spend a few hours marveling at some museum, I am good with just a quick look inside then I am ready for my next adventure! I figured since we have so many pictures I would break this up into a week full worth of posts! 

We were out the door at 5am to catch our flight...
Okay 5:15 because I almost forgot my camera and other things..
We got to the airport and went through security....I got a nice little pat down and then had my hands tested, I guess they thought I was up all night making bombs!? Sorry I have more important things like SLEEPING to do! Whatever, my view on the whole security thing is that I would rather get felt up a little than be on a plane with a terrorist! Right!?
Our first flight was on time....
I HATE flying by the way, it freaks me out...
 But the rainbow made me feel a little better...
 I did a post about these shirts once and made fun of them...I am glad SkyMall thinks they are cool...haha
Our 2nd flight was delayed awhile but we made it to NYC around 11am-ish.
We took the subways EVERYWHERE! They were actually REALLY convenient...
after I got over the anxiety of it all!

 I always joke with Jordan how Sbarro is the best NYC Pizza, it was directly across from our hotel haha
If you watch The Office I loved when Micheal Scott went here to get an AUTHENTIC New York slice! 
 Half of our room....Jordan checking the view over Times Square....
 The view ROCKED....
 Times Square directly below us....
We rested for a few minutes and unpacked our bags...
by the way my husband HATES having luggage so we fit all our stuff in his bookbag and my purse...that's what I call smart packing! :) We can't EVER get away with that little luggage with the kids! haha

First on our list was picking up a deli lunch and eating in Central Park....the walkways in Central Park are amazing...

 Panini for lunch...the ground was still wet because it had rained BAD the morning we came so we grabbed a bench near the zoo area and ate and people watched... lol

That is it for now...Vincent and I are going to go lay down while Luke naps! This post was only maybe the first 2 hours of NYC! I will be back tomorrow with part 2.
Happy Monday


  1. Love these! I cannot wait to make a trip there. It looks like you guys had a great time hanging out together! Sooo cute!

  2. I would love to visit New York one day. Unfortunately, I hate flying as well so a flight that long scares the crap out of me. Give me a valium and I might be able to make it, haha. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. Looks like a great trip; exhausting but fun!

  4. It's been several years since I've been to NYC and I'm definitly getting the bug to go back!

    I'm impressed with your mad packing skills! Can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

    PS Nice Toms ;)

  5. Looks like so much fun! I've never been myself--maybe before I'm 35!