NYC plans....

We only have a few days in NYC so we have finally narrowed our list down to these things....

Times Square since we will be staying there...I hope it's not TOO crazy!

Central Park

Central Park Zoo
Boathouse in Central Park

Met Roof Garden, they serve light food and drinks....the view looks so AMAZING


FAO Schwarz....

Really because I just want to reenact this....Tom Hanks in Big

St Patrick's Cathedral

Afternoon in Hoboken, Jordan's co-worker lives there and is going to show us around! I cannot wait to get some amazing shots of NYC from across the river!!

Carlo's Bakery

Empire State Building.. (because I really want to be in tall buildings near 9.11....panic attacks!)

Rockefellar Center

NYC Style Pizza, Jordan's friend said he has a favorite place he wants us to eat for pizza!

I think that is really ALL we have planned at the moment. We do not want to be rushed so we are just leaving lots of down time for extra things that I am sure we will find, or want to do! 

I am not looking forward to the flight, the taxi rides, the subways and all that stuff but I am looking forward to a few days of just Jordan and I! It will be so weird to actually be alone. Since Luke has been born we have taken both kids everywhere so this is the first time without them both! EEEEEK!

Say lots of prayers that we are safe and have a good time!! Seriously being there the weekend of 9/11 makes me a tad freaked out! So lots of prayers please!



  1. Glad your alone time in Chicago was so memorable :)

    Have the best time in NYC :)

  2. You two are going to have such a blast! All those places look amazing. Can't wait to hear about your trip! Go get your party on mama!

    Sending lot of prayers for a safe trip....

  3. Im so jealous for several reasons...

    I've ALWAYS wanted to go to New York... always.

    I'd love a few days away from the kids... duh :)

    and that pizza looks yummy!

    but I hate flying... gives me the heeby jeebies!

  4. Have a blast! I've never been to NYC but my hubby went for work a few months ago. His office is right by the cathedral and he sent me some super cool pics!