Topics to Discuss?!?!

A month or so ago I took 3 days away from the computer and tv and went screen free. I read a lot of my books and magazines and it got my head turning on some topics I would love to discuss on my blog...
I usually just play it safe and easy blogging with just normal day to day life stuff...
So here is my list of things I would like to blog about...

*Meeting other Mamas...Playdates galore!
*Getting along with other Mommas? Easy or Hard?
*Dealing with the Terrible Two's!
*Good Cop/Bad Cop...what's your parenting role?
*The transition from 1 baby to 2 babies and eventually 3 babies (in March)
*How to get through the first few weeks of a newborn (haha or if you're like me...the first few months)
*Picky Eaters...ways to minimize it!
*Marriage...keeping the drive alive :)
*Germs...Are they really that BAD!??!
*Breastfeeding...the real truth from me!:)
*How to deal with it ALL? Kids, Marriage, Housework and oh yes...ourselves!

Do any of these topics interest you guys!? I of course already have envisioned each post in my mind!:) 

Let me know your thoughts!! xoxo


  1. Go for it girl! I rarely filter my blog... the way I see it, I do this for me... and if anyone doesn't like what I say, they don't have to read it anymore. oh wellzy.

  2. breastfeeding and newborn stuff please! ha

  3. All of it! Just wright! I enjoy your take and view on things. And, hey, if anyone's your blog!