Visiting with C-Squared!

I was so excited to visit again with Chrissy and Claira a few weeks ago! Jordan had work near by hometown so the boys and I went along and saw my family and Chrissy and Claira! I get to see them again in a few weeks also! So many visits make me VERY HAPPY! 

Here are some pics....these are taken by Chrissy....
Me loving Claira...(secretly I am telling her to give baby #3 her girl power!)
Picture 17

Vincent is infatuated with Claira...
Picture 18
Luke could have cared less about a baby...he was more concerned with fitting his chubby body in her car seat...
Picture 16
Chrissy made the boys some gifts...HOW ON EARTH did she find the time with a new baby!??!
 I call her super momma!
Picture 19
Picture 21
Smile, Vincent!
Picture 22
By the way we now have an imaginary Claira in our house that Vincent carries! 
She must be really little because she fits in his hands...
He needs to work on his baby skills because he imaginary Claira down for a nap on his beanbag....she's been there for almost a week! lol

Here are a few pics I took of Miss Claira...
Smiling at Vincent...
I seriously LOVE her....she is such a girl...with such girly features! 
I cannot wait to hold her again in a few weeks!! EEEEEK!!!:) 

Am I right guys, is she not the cutest little baby girl EVER!?!?


  1. She is adorable!!! The boys are too cute for words :)

  2. I would have to agree that she is, but I'm kinda partial!!! Cannot wait for another visit and pictures!!! YEA!

  3. Sweet baby girl!
    Hope you have a sweet baby GIRL!!!

  4. AWW! So adorable! Nolan has an imaginary "baby Yaya" (baby Dalya - his cousin) that he also carries around lol. it slays me!