Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What V's Wearing Wednesday...

So I had to show you all what Vincent decided to wear today...
Funny thing is homeboy LOVES to be naked...
This morning he was sporting just his rainboots....
So I told him we needed to put some underwear on...
While I was helping him get in his undies he stated that he wanted his "bowtie"...
So today he is rocking out....
Rainboots....Vincent Shoes (no joke that is the brand of shoes...they went out of business tho)
Undies....Baby Gap
Bow Tie....handmade by Chrissy
I love this little man....
And this little man....he is a crazy one as well...
Does anyone else's little one love taking the crates out?! Luke took it to a whole new level by standing inside it!? What is wrong with him! hahah! LOVE THEM BOTH!

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday! xoxo


  1. Oh MAN these pictures are CUTE! I love! These need scrapbooked fo sho!

  2. This is such a CUTE post! Your boys are so stinking cute:) Have a great day!

  3. such a CUTE post! Your boys are sooo adorable! :)

  4. AhahahhaaaahHA! This is flippn FunnnnnY. Oh stop it w/ those Vincent boots... too much cuteness going on! He is gonna drive the ladies wild mama... watch out!

    OMG & that little pumpkin face Luke! So SO ADORBS. Thank God Jax is not the only one who takes the vent cover thingeees off. Yah. Jaxy likes to throw random things down there for yours truely to go & fetch. Not fun times! Xo...!

  5. Those pics of Vincent are magazine-worthy! How adorable!

  6. HAHA!! Can you just picture him in college? You make super cute kidlets, let me tell you.


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