Pick or Peat!

Vincent says Pick or Peat instead of Trick or Treat....so cute....

We finally are home from Vegas and made it in perfect time to Trick or Treat with the boys tonight! 
I am going to keep this short
because I am BEYOND tired
from all the time change crap and traveling!

Here is our night in photos! ENJOY!

Vincent thought all the candy to pass out was his...
Our neighbor was our first visit...they LOVE the boys!
One of the neighbors busted out the golf cart and carried their kids in it....genius!
We only hit like 7 of our neighbors because it was COLLLLLLD!
The never-ending sucker...lol
Looking out for more trick or treaters....
Happy Halloween.....xoxoxo
We are beyond excited to be home...
I am most likely skipping My Take Tuesday again tomorrow....
I need sleep and time to catch up with my lover boys...
Pinky swear it will be back the next week

Viva Las Vegas

Whew, we are on night 3 here in Vegas, the time change is killing my soul still! I cannot update very much on my iPad so this will be short! We are getting our butts handed to us in the casinos! It is insanely fun though! We got the cheesiest posed picture taken with a baby lion, and got to pet it...that is the only thing we will be coming home with....we joke its the most expensive picture ever since we lost so much money!

I did not know ou could drink free in the casinos, sadly since I am pregnant I cannot indulge so my go to drink is Shirley Temples! Yummmm! Baby #3 loves them and goes wild when I drink them!

Today we were on a celeb spree! Bret Michaels is in town and we saw him playing football outside his tour bus, so I of course went to get a picture for you all, well he waved us over and talked with us for like 10 minutes! Nicest guy ever! Pictures to come! He gave us free tickets to his show but its in 2 hours and I am fading fast! Being pregnant with the time change hit makes me dead tired!

If you like 90210 Anna Lynn McCord is in town, I only knew from a billboard and we no joke walked right into her in Ceasars Palace Shops! I love her, she talks and acts exactly like her character! Girlfriend was no joke wearing this loose maxi dress that showed her entire back with no bra, she is tiny! Made me slightly jealous with my 20 week pregnant belly!

That is all though! Snooki is in town along with a ton of celebs for Halloween parties! Lets face it though, there are a ton of ahort fat girls all over Vegas so I would never notice her in a crowd!

I am off to bed! I cannot wat to get home to my little boys soon! Vincent kills me everytime we talk, he can actually express in words that he misses us and loves us and that he wants us home soon....breaks my heart to pieces!

Happy Halloween weekend loves! Xoxo

Some Answers for the DIY Canvas Photos

Hey guys! I had a TON of great feedback on the DIY Photo Canvas project and I must say I am excited that you all loved it and are going to try it!
High five for being crafty!

A lot of people commented on Facebook and here on how crafty I am....(laughing)
As far as craftiness goes I must say this is a pretty easy project for EVERYONE!
Even if you feel un-crafty I am positive you can rock this one out!! 
Everyone will be impressed with your skills....
It looks like a LOT of work but it's just basic cutting and gluing!

Emily said...

did your photo wrinkle when applying to the canvas? 
Hey hun! It did NOT wrinkle when I applied it! I was VERY VERY nervous that it would but the photo paper is so thick that it did not soak through! I even had a lot of Mod Podge on the canvas to start with and no soaking! You for sure need to make a canvas of Little Will's bottom on the kitchen scale...that is one of my favorite photos! You are genius!
FOR ALL of you who are wondering what I am referring to....here is the photo Emily took of her son...
Pinned Image
DUDE....Dying over the cuteness of it!! A chubby butt never looked so CUTE!
Okay clearly I thought there was more than 1 question but I was wrong....haha
Oh, there was one other question...(I am not just imagining things)

Danielle-Marie said...

P.S. Where is My Take Tuesday? ;)
Hey, thanks for calling me out on that!!:) My Take Tuesday took a little break due to being up all night with Luke who was puking. I thought since his crib was covered in puke (I am FAR too lazy to clean it up at 2am) that he should snuggle in bed with me....FAT CHANCE....He was a NINJA all NIGHT! It was very terrible...I was awake all night! So I scrapped my My Take Tuesday post! Do not fear it will be back next week!!!:)
Alright that is all! I hope you guys LOVE the DIY canvas...
I am thinking of having a Mom's Night In and inviting all my mommy friends over for a craft night and doing this project before the holidays! All our families will think we are the BEST gift givers!:)
Can I say THANK GOD for Pinterest!
If you are not already following me...GET ON IT!
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If you have NOT yet entered the world of Pinterest, let me know and I will send you an invite....

*ps....I have been a HORRIBLE blogger and have so many comments to get back to, I have a TON of time this weekend to hopefully get back to all of you! Especially on my post last week on Miscarriage, I did NOT forget about you...so don't curse me yet!!! haha*

Getting Crafty-DIY Canvas Photos

I am OBSESSED with photographs on canvas, but the PRICE of them makes me gag! 
Especially when I am envisioning doing a whole wall in them!! 
As much as my husband loves pictures of our family he will NOT pay $50+ per canvas!
(Especially when I will want to change them yearly since the boys grow SO FAST)
Instead of letting my dream of canvas prints fade away I did some researching...

I found the directions on Pinterest and it was VERY easy and CHEAP to create my own! SCORE!
You will need:
Photographs (mine was 11x14 thanks to Becky, I scored 9 of them for less than 20 bucks!!)
Canvas (I got a 7 pack at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon, they were only 12 bucks)
Mod Podge MATTE (8 bucks)
Craft Paint (I used left over black I had)
Scrap Book Paper (On sale at Michael's 25cents a sheet, so I spent 1.50)
Paint Brushes
Wax Paper (helps it to not stick when drying)

Total Cost... 41.50
breaks down to less than 6 DOLLARS per 11X14 CANVAS! 
((Now that's what I am talking about!!))
Cut scrapbook paper to fit all the edges
Apply Mod Podge generously to the canvas and apply the edges and photograph..
 Allow to dry....I left mine over night
 After completely dried apply a layer of Mod Podge over the photograph and sides.
(It will turn to CLEAR when drying so try not to freak out, I know I was a little!)
Allow to dry again.
Then apply paint to the edges to blend the scrapbook paper and the picture...
 That is IT!!
 This was my first one and I think it turned out pretty darn cute for 6 bucks!
Now to find the time to finish all of the other pictures!
I hope you ENJOY this as much as I did! 
Fill your walls with these awesome canvases for next to NOTHING!!

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