17/18 weeks....

Okay so me and the pregnancy updates have not been happening....clearly!
I have a whole entire post devoted to my reasoning...
But let's just say I am VERY happy to be almost 18 weeks...
Even though the further I get the more anxious I get...
I mean seriously....
2 kids are a lot...and well, 3....
that is clearly 1 more than 2 so, to say I am not a tad nervous would be a lie. 
I think adding another child is always a little anxiety filled. 
I am beyond excited though for this new baby.

Enjoy the no make up ME!:)
I love the mirrors in the hotel rooms...perfect for a full body shot

I said the other day in my vlog (10 minutes long sorry for that haha)
that we decided to not find out the gender.
The reasoning is that 
1. This could be our last (lol) and I always wanted the joy of finding out at the birth
2. I have SO many boy clothes that are barely worn, I just went through them the other day, looking at each tiny piece and remembering exactly when they wore them, so I would be VERY happy to have another boy. 
3. When we went shopping last week I was overwhelmed by all the choices for girls clothing...I would spend probably ALL of our money on her wardrobe...I mean she has to be stylish! 
4. Now that I am almost 20 weeks, I feel as if I can make it another 20 without knowing!
5. I am SO EXCITED for his/her birth (not the labor crap) but that moment when they announce the gender...I already cry thinking about it.
6. I am FINALLY at the point where I am happy either way with a boy or a girl...I think I am getting over the trauma of maybe not having a girl and I am slowly becoming okay with it....mainly because I can buy things for other baby girls...aka Claira...LOVE HER! 

With all those points you can see I have FINALLY made up my mind. I LOVED all of your input on the situation. I will probably be bitching to you all for the last 20 weeks so bear with me...
22 weeks and we will ALL know what the gender is!!!!:) 
HOLY COW 22 weeks...that is like TOMORROW!!!??!?!?!

I promise to make more updates on the pregnancy, the further along I get the more comfortable I am but I am still on pins and needles! Praying for a healthy ultrasound on the 21st!:)



  1. Praying for a happy and healthy ultrasound! :)

  2. Your bump is so cute! I think it is AWESOME you aren't finding out. I was totally for you NOT finding out so I'm happy you are going that route. I think with #3 we will do the same thing. I was half tempted to do it with this one but only for about a minute haha.

    I can't believe we only have about 22 more weeks to go. DANG. The first (almost) half has gone pretty fast. I've got my ultrasound 5 days after yours so heres to us both seeing healthy, perfect baby's!

  3. Yay I am so happy you won't be finding out the sex too!!! We can share in each others frustrations about not knowing though ok?

  4. I love your camera strap, where did you get it?

  5. 1. you are so stinkin cute pregnant.
    2. i am SO happy that you aren't finding out... it will make ME cry when you tell the story of the day that you find out. i bet it will be just amaaazing.
    3. i CAN'T BELIEVE you are already almost halfway there! crazy!!

  6. what a good choice! It will be something special to find out when baby is born, its a ....! :)

    youre bump is so cute!

    I am not sure if I commented on a post or not of yours but I will just to make sure, about this. I inform everyone, just because I promised my sweet angel Naomi that I would get it out because when I was pregnant with her I had no idea about it and it needs to be talked about more. Please check out preeclampsia.org and learn about the signs and symptoms. Yes I know, I was the same way "it cant happen to me" yet it did. I am NOT saying it will but I am not saying it wont, and PLEASE I am not trying to scare you or anyone just trying to inform. Had I known, I would have been more cautious I think.

    Anyways you surely do look beautiful and my gosh THREE will certainly be a handful! I am looking forward to watching your journey!

  7. You look so fab!! I just found out the gender this week but I can definitely see not wanting to know!

  8. Nice photo!! Also, I thought you mom's may be interested in the newest kids craze in my town, Patch Hats! Check out a hat you have never seen before here at www.patchhats.com

  9. Gosh, your bump is so cute! Mine is still hiding. :o( When I lay down, I can see it. Since I'm tall, I heard it could take longer to be visible. Dang height, cursing me again!

    ANyway, I love your belly shots!

  10. Okay, so I'm sitting here (no longer pregnant since baby girl was born 1 week ago) and seeing your pregnant belly already makes me miss pregnant a little! :-( You are so damn adorable!