Moms Afternoon Out!

Us moms attended a great event benefiting a local shelter for mothers and children! 
We got to enjoy a nice lunch without the kids and also help for a great cause! 
The table settings were perfect for fall...
We started with an AMAZING pumpkin soup...I must figure out the recipe...
It was like a pumpkin pie tasting soup...HEAVEN!

I did not take a picture of the salad because it was a little boring and not so great...
Dessert was a plate of cake balls...YUMMM!
 I had such a great day with the ladies...

We did a birthday party this past spring for the kids of the shelter..
and this is where I fell in LOVE with this organization...
These little ones are the REASON why...
I also think the reason it melts my heart is the fact that these moms are taking a step to make their lives and their children's lives better.
I mean throws so many obstacles at us and it is all about how we react...
These women are not letting anything get in their way of achieving a better life for their family...
They love their children just as much as all of us do and
I could feel their love by spending the afternoon with them for this birthday party...

Is there a shelter in your town that you can help?
If so I would definitely recommend it!
Just a donation of your time is worth so much to them!


  1. aw this made me tear up. when i see children, these sweet faces... makes you want to give them the world you know. i hope they continue smiling for a long long time. how wonderful of you to do this as well!!

    makes me love you even MORE (if that's possible!)

    p.s. you look great!

  2. im sorry can this post get any cuter? amazing table decor, yummy food and cute babies.....i want to come! ;)

    such a cute blog!!

  3. Actually I was just thinking about this the other day. My granny makes a lot of donations and knits a lot of things for a womans shelter in her town, and I wanna do the same! {Once I learn to knit}.

    This Christmas Matt & I are planning on donating groceries, and toys of course, to the food bank {since our town doesn't actually have a woman's shelter}.