My Take Tuesday: Natural Childbirth...

Before I was pregnant I would have NEVER in a million years envisioned myself having a baby without drugs. I mean seriously...that was crazy talk in my pre-mom mind!
I am not tough...I cry when I stub my toe!
It was not until about the second trimester with Vincent that I started to actually consider exactly HOW he would come out of my body.
Since he couldn't just magically pop out with the click of my fingers, I figured I needed a plan.

I started reading EVERYTHING that I could...birth story after birth story.
The ones that involved epidurals all sounded the same.
There was something magical about the explanations of women who had their children naturally.
It intrugued me a lot.
I also thought about all the people before me, like my grandma and great grandparents....
They had zero choice for drugs...and they all survived.
So was it really that bad!?!?

I talked to other moms and felt it out. Mainly the moms I knew were older than I was...
I nannied for a family and so I always went to my boss for advice (shes more of a friend than a boss)
She downright told me I was nuts and to get the drugs...haha
Her husband even agreed.
Mainly everyone I had talked to dropped their jaw at the thought of me wanting to do it naturally.

I realized I needed to figure it out for myself and explore all the options and be open minded.
This was MY birth, not someone else's version.

We even considered the TOTALLY natural at home birth...
that was until we met the midwife and she scared the crap out of me...
We simply asked what would happen if I were to start hemoragging after the birth (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED WITH VINCENT) and she said they would use some herbs to stop the bleeding...
HERBS!??!?! Are you fricking kidding me...
Are you going to shove some cilantro up inside me and it will magically stop me from bleeding to death?
Jordan and I pretty much bolted out of that appt and never looked back. 
A hospital would be the ultimate setting for the birth....
I talked to my midwives at my appointments and eventually decided to find doula...
I read books upon books(My fave is Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way)...watched movies(Business of Being Born) and became as educated as I possibly could.

Some of the reasons I chose to go Natural were:
*One main reason was I kept questioning myself "Why Not"? The only answer I could come up with was the pain factor and after I got over the fact that it would indeed HURT and be painful I was fine...the end result was a baby...a human life that Jordan and I created and pain was not going to stop me.
*I am deathly terrified of that freaking HUGE looking needle...I can do a normal needle but seeing that thing on A Baby Story scared the crap out of me.
*I felt the pros outweighed the cons
*My friend had her son 2 weeks before mine and got an epidural and her one leg was still numb weeks after his birth...that was like a nail in the coffin for me that natural was the best choice for me. 
*I like a nice little challenge:)

I had NO idea what to expect but I went into Vincent's birth open minded and with a mission.
I had my birth plan in hand and was ready...
(I laugh looking back at my birth plan...I doubt they even read it)
The battle was in front of me and all I had to do was endure the pain and I would be there!
Easier said than done...

For Vincent's birth I had a doula. I think having her there really helped, I felt like she was much more knowledgeable since that was her "job" and we were 1st time parents! Also sometimes a non family members help is nice! You feel as if you should be nicer when they are there haha...

To get through Vincent's birth I did a lot of walking, bouncing on the ball, I tried the shower for warm water(turned into a hot mess), hot rice packs, and lots of massages. Vincent's birth was about 10 hours from when they broke my water. Thankfully no pitocin was necessary. The pain was manageable...I really had nothing to compare it to so I think it was easy for me to get in the mindset to SUCK IT UP when it got tough.

Luke's birth on the other hand was a LOT different. He came within 3-4 hours of water being broken. The labor pains came on QUICK and did not stop the entire time! So walking was out of the question because every step killed my soul. Thank God for Jordan keeping me sane and level headed. I think it was worse because I was comparing it to Vincent's slower birth...and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I had no time to adjust to the pain. I just focused on the goal and pushed through it. During some of the painful parts I told Jordan "I do not think I can have another kid" haha I was in a bad painful place but the moment Luke came out the pain stopped. I said "I could totally do this again!" and it was all rainbows and butterflies like NOTHING had just happened....
Both the boys were worth all the the end of the day it was NOTHING compared to bringing a LIFE into this world. I chose what was best for me and did not let anyone else's fears or worries get in the way of creating my special births with my boys. 

I am not biased one way or another whether or not my friends or you have had an epidural, done it natural or had the baby in your car on the side of the road!? I could care less, because the end factor of welcoming a new baby is what is important, not about how hard you tried during labor.

Some tips...
READ and learn all you can
Have a great support team
Believe in YOURSELF
Do what is right for YOU, your health and your baby!

I just always tell people to consider all their options, the choice is yours to make and you are the one in charge of your labor! If you have questions outside of the info given just let me know....

PS...I am not even remotely looking forward to labor...I have 20 weeks to get my butt in I guess that dream of the baby popping out with the snap of my fingers is still here...I just want the end result of holding our baby...also I am curious how the factor of not knowing the sex with motivate me even more....ahhhh!!



  1. i love reading how other mama's did it natural! i, too, didn't want the huge needle in my back! i agree that you have to read, read, read & you have to be determined to do it! yay! i love that i went all natural too :)

  2. I love how positive you are about natural childbirth. And how you say it's every mama's choice. :-)

    Reading this made me go back to the thoughts I had when I was considering labor with Presley.

    My plan, and my only plan. Was get epidural first thing. LOL I wish I would have read a little something about natural-drug free labor. B/c guess, what? That's exactly what I got. I was completely un-prepared for that even being an option for me. And man, It was hard. I don't think it wouldn't have been hard if I was prepared(I had a hard-fast labor. Water broke 1a,hospital by 2am, baby here before 6am). But I would have mentally been up for it. Instead, I spent the entire time waiting for them to be able to relieve my pain, only to find out it wasn't going to happen. (which was after they tried to stick that damn needle in my back for over an hour)Disappointing to say the least.

    Moral of my story(comment). For baby #2. (eventually) Although, my first choice will still be: get to hospital, get epidural. I will be reading up on natural child birth, labor and all things around it. If it happens to be I can't get an epidural. I won't feel like it's something I'm completely unprepared for and I will be mentally prepared for what I will go thru to bring that precious little miracle into the world.

    And I did explain to the hubs very recently - since baby#2 talk is on the table right now. That if I go thru a 2nd drug free labor. We will be stopping at 2 children. Unless he would like to give birth to #3. 2 drug free births is all I have in me.

    Luckily, it's my choice. Thanks for making me feel OK about that.

  3. You are impressive mama!! Will was natural (not by choice) but because his labor was under an hour and I was 10 cm when I got to the hospital. It was THE worst pain I have EVER felt in my life. I can't imagine doing it for 10 hours, let alone 3-4.


  4. well you know i think you are just amazing. no question there. the fact that you popped out two naturally? makes you like super duber amazing. and i know the third will be the same.

    maybe one day i will grow some and do the same... one day....

  5. You rock Allie!! I agree that researching and doing what is best for YOU and YOUR baby is of utmost importance. Hypnobirthing was my thing, it was amazing. Also, having a strong support system is an essential. Athletes have their cheerleaders and what women do to bring life to this planet is nothing short of miraculous and exhausting, they need their cheerleaders, a supportive husband and/or a doula is necessary.

  6. I love your "My Take Tuesday!" A good read followed by great discussion in the comments section.

    As I approached the induction of my first son I was adamant about going completely natural, even if I was being induced I figured I could still say no to the epidural. A c-section just didn't even cross my mind. As it worked out, I did get the epidural after 14 hours of hard labour and I ended up having an emergency c-section. When we were expecting my daughter 7 months after we had our son, the doctors decided due to how close together the two pregnancies were and my pregnancy complications, a scheduled c-section would be best. Down the road, if I should become pregnant again, I would like to attempt a VBA2C. For all the same reasons as I wanted with my first child, I still do want to experience a natural birth. However, sometimes life has a different plan for us. And so, rather than being a natural-birth advocate, I am an open-minded-to-different-situations birth advocate.

  7. Hi! Just wanted to show you I featured on of your creations on my blog today!