Seriously? Thursday!

I have skipped my Seriously? posts the last few weeks...
I am dead freaking tired...I thought the 2nd trimester was supposed to give me more energy...
ya right...
I am just as tired if not more than the 1st trimester...yuck!

Here we go with what made me go SERIOUSLY? this week....

I cried(pregnancy hormones) when I saw the clip of Giuliana Rancic announcing that she has breast cancer.
If you know me well you know that I love Giuliana and Bill...who I refer to as G&B! Hence why the name for baby #3 if it is a girl is Giuliana! Their struggle has been so heartbreaking and then this comes...all I know is that she will dominate the crap out of the cancer and come out stronger than ever! I am so GLAD that her IVF doctor pushed her to have a mammogram! Such a blessing in disguise! I hope and pray that after this journey they get pregnant with LOTS of kids!! Love ya G!

Seriously? RHONJ...
Real Housewives' Caroline Manzo to Teresa Giudice: "Shame On You"
99.9%  of the time I have been a Teresa fan but man this week she is making it really hard! I feel bad that everyone teamed up against her but she did not handle it well at all. I love Caroline also and it's hard to ever think that she would lie...UGH I hate that they are ALL fighting so much! I guess they did the same last season but I did not really care for Danielle but I am at a crossroads of whether or not I can be Team Teresa anymore!?!??! I am starting to also like Melissa a lot more...never thought I would have said that at the start of this season! 

Seriously? RHOBH...Brandi is FIESTY!
First I wanted to comment weeks ago ON THIS little number she wore!?!? I mean you're a MOM...not a hooker...and this week WOW! I think she is a little off her rocker, she needs to calm the frick down...When she said "I will f*ing kill you" I was like HOLY COW....SHE IS NUTS! (Hope the kids aren't watching Brandi!" I can just imagine the crazy fights she had with ex Eddie wonder he wanted out! Also no offense...I get it that boys pee randomly...Vincent does it BUT he is 2 and just learning what is right and wrong by 4 years old I would DIE...and you better believe he would have gotten a talking to vs ignoring it! Oh Brandi.... Next is Dana...girlfriend cracks me the frick up...I mean she is NUTS...she wants to be their friends so BADLY! Also the other week when she was bragging about her 1 year old son...I could not handle it haha...and the 25,000 glasses....I was not impressed one bit...I cannot stand when people talk money...most obnoxious thing ever! Other than that I still love my BH housewives!!

Tomorrow is the BIG ultrasound! I must say I NEVER in a million years thought that I would be so calm about NOT finding out the gender...I think it is because I know HOW EXCITING finding out at the birth is going to be! Mainly because I will get to hold him/her at that exact moment I find out! CRY FEST!!

We had the most POOP filled day the other weekend...Luke had a horrid rash from runny diareah, I am talking his butt was horrid so we let him be diaper-less as much as possible (to dry his poor bum out)...Anyways Jordan woke up with Luke, then walked down stairs to find that Verner had diarrhea as well, ALL OVER Jordan's office carpet! He was handling it well until Luke snuck upstairs and flipped Vincent's potty in his room....which indeed contained runny poop that Jordan had not seen because V had the lid closed...POOP ALL OVER V's carpet...POOP in the office and I think Luke may have also pooped on the wood floor that day as well...I wanted to curl up and die....Next house I will NOT allow any carpets! We spent the whole day knee deep in POO! 

Seriously? We are having people over for a football game on Sunday and thanks to Pinterest I will be making a few new recipes...

BACON wrapped chicken jalapeno bites...
seriously anything wrapped in bacon is AMAZING...
Pinned Image
And these... Peanut butter chocolate bars...
Pinned Image
I also have the recipe for these coming along with all these recipes SOON
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles...
Pinned Image

Seriously? Next week at this time we will be in VEGAS! :) Hopefully winning a small fortune...NOT...but I can always dream...I am just hoping to kick some butt on the blackjack tables!:) I can totally see why people get addicted! It would be much more fun to play with FAKE money though!:)

Seriously? Story of my life...or anyone who is a

Seriously? I have to get a picture of Jordan's ABS...he started that primal diet this summer and it is INSANE...His abs are bursting at the seams! I am going to go primal once this babe is out! Right now I just want to eat carbs:) but thankfully our dinners are carb-less! Hence why a lot of my recipes have been without the carb-age...You will all want to be primal once you see his tummy! He was NOT big at all to begin with but just cutting out carbs and processed stuff has really changed everything on his body!

Seriously? Luke is AWAKE after only an hour of napping....yippie skippie...time to go!

Link up at Becky's blog!

Peace out! 


  1. omg so much i wanted to comment on. can i just say... yes yes yes to it all?!

    i mean you get it right?

    theresa is a freak! brandi IS a hoe hoe....and i need jordan to teach andrew about this diet shizz... seriously, tell jordan to write up a post! asap!

    vegas? take me and elli with! so jealous!

  2. OMG I felt the same way when I found out about G. I love her/them! So sad and soo young!

    MAJOR props to you for waiting. Its definitely going to be a special moment for you and your precious family :)

  3. AHH! Poop horror stories scare me lol. Somehow, I've only had a few poop related incidents and they weren't runny poop so it was easier to handle.

    I know what you mean about The Tired. I think my entire pregnancy I was completely exhausted with only random days of energy. SUCKED, but now that he's here I'm totally back to having some energy {but just lazy now!}

    I seriously wanna bake all those goodies you mentioned. Like, NOW.

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