Viva Las Vegas

Whew, we are on night 3 here in Vegas, the time change is killing my soul still! I cannot update very much on my iPad so this will be short! We are getting our butts handed to us in the casinos! It is insanely fun though! We got the cheesiest posed picture taken with a baby lion, and got to pet it...that is the only thing we will be coming home with....we joke its the most expensive picture ever since we lost so much money!

I did not know ou could drink free in the casinos, sadly since I am pregnant I cannot indulge so my go to drink is Shirley Temples! Yummmm! Baby #3 loves them and goes wild when I drink them!

Today we were on a celeb spree! Bret Michaels is in town and we saw him playing football outside his tour bus, so I of course went to get a picture for you all, well he waved us over and talked with us for like 10 minutes! Nicest guy ever! Pictures to come! He gave us free tickets to his show but its in 2 hours and I am fading fast! Being pregnant with the time change hit makes me dead tired!

If you like 90210 Anna Lynn McCord is in town, I only knew from a billboard and we no joke walked right into her in Ceasars Palace Shops! I love her, she talks and acts exactly like her character! Girlfriend was no joke wearing this loose maxi dress that showed her entire back with no bra, she is tiny! Made me slightly jealous with my 20 week pregnant belly!

That is all though! Snooki is in town along with a ton of celebs for Halloween parties! Lets face it though, there are a ton of ahort fat girls all over Vegas so I would never notice her in a crowd!

I am off to bed! I cannot wat to get home to my little boys soon! Vincent kills me everytime we talk, he can actually express in words that he misses us and loves us and that he wants us home soon....breaks my heart to pieces!

Happy Halloween weekend loves! Xoxo


  1. If you want an amazing place to eat at, go to battistas hole in the wall (behind the flamingo Hilton) great Italian food and a TON of Vegas memorabilia ALL over the place!

  2. We went to Niagara Falls a month before we had our first child, sort of as a last vacation as just the two of us. Anyways, we spent quite a bit of time at the casinos (and quite a bit of money!) I too was stunned that the beverages were free! Being pregnant and having gestational diabetes I couldn't even indulge in a Shirley Temple but I did have a pretty yummy virgin strawberry daiquiri made with real fruit and without sugar. That's very cool about Bret Michaels! Sounds like a stand up guy! I hope you end up seeing Snooki! Enjoy the rest of your trip and you'll see your boys before you know it.

  3. I looooove Vegas! Have fun :)

    p.s. LOVE bret michaels too :)