Yet ANOTHER park day...

This was last weekend and WOW has the weather totally CHANGED...It is FREEZING HERE! I have a feeling we may not see the park again this year. Here are the pics from the day...

Luke fell lol...Vincent helped him back sweet.
Next fall, Vincent laughed instead lol
If you have NOT noticed yet...Jordan HATES shoes...if he has the chance to be barefoot...HE IS...
He has 2 pairs of Five Fingers but rarely wears them...people always stare when he does...
But they stare ALSO when he is barefoot...
Vincent is such a BOY....i love it!
This one is FEARLESS...He walked straight into the lake....AHHHH
If you haven't guessed already...we left directly after these pictures were taken!
They were soaked and sandy so it was time to head home and clean up!
I must say I will kind of miss the warm days and being able to go outside at any moment....
We will just have to bundle up!:)

Happy Monday! 


  1. Love these pics of your boys!! They are 100% boy!!

  2. I love the pic of your boys holding hands walking in front of you! Can't wait for Will to walk so I can get a shot just like it! :)

  3. I just love the picture of Vincent laughing a Luke when he fell. Both their expressions are too cute. True brothers. Just wait until they're in their 20s and one of them stumbles after a few too many drinks. I think you could have the same picture on your hands.

  4. Your boys make me want one:) I thought having a girl was it, but I think I'm confused. They look like so much fun!!

  5. I love it! Boys through and through! Makes me hope #2 (when the time comes) is a boy. Glad you got to enjoy one last summer day at the park!

  6. HaaHa... LOVE the munchkins in the water pics! Your photos are always amazing, but extra amazing lately!! How sweet are their matchy striped shirts!

  7. As always, adorable boys! I do hope you consider buying stock in whatever detergent and soap you use for the boys. Lol, if these pictures are any indication, you go through some soap and detergent!