Day 3 of Giveaways: Bee Bee Kins

Alright guys we are chugging away...
Welcome to DAY 3 of Christmas Giveaways!
If you have not entered Wild Juniper & Peace, Love & Kids
Get on it!!:)

Today we have Bee Bee Kins! They have HATS for pretty much every member of your family!
I think fun hats are such a fun accessory for girls and boys!
Here is a small bio on Sonya...
I have to say, I really don't write. But I will tell you a little bit about myself and the shop. I have always been creative in many different mediums. Since the birth of my little girl I have been overly excited about making her cute things to wear. Where ever we went, I always received compliments on her accessories so I decided to open a shop. The reason why I list every thing with sizes from newborn to adult is because I feel that you don't have to stop being a kid past 6 years old. I enjoy making items that reflect my child hood, like the sock monkey, star wars, and soon Nightmare before christmas characters. I'm always up for a challenge too, if anybody suggests something that I don't have I would always try to make it. 

Here are a few of my faves from her shop:
Three Horned Monster Hat --- ALL SIZES -- Custom Color Choices

Snow Flake Infant Cocoon - Photography Prop
Pink Hello Kitty Hat -- pre TEEN & ADULT SIZES
Owl Hat -- Newborn to Adult sizes --- Pick Your Own Colors -- with OR out with FLOWER
SESAME STREET hat SET - Cookie Monster hat - Elmo hat - Oscr hat - Grover hat - Newborn to Adult sizes sesame street or 18.99 ea
Newsboy Brim Hat - newborn - child sizes -- Choose your OWN colors


Sonya is offering ONE LUCKY winner $20 to her shop! 
She is also offering YOU ALL 20% off her shop! Code: TABLE20OFF

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The giveaway will run for one week.
                                             Entries will be accepted until Dec 7th @ 11:59pm
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                                                                    GOOD LUCK!!!

Christmas Giveaways: Day 2-Peace, Love & Kids

Alright guys, we are on day 2 of the giveaways! If you have not entered the $35 to Wild Juniper Giveaway
GET ON IT!!:) 
Tonight we have yet another amazing shop!
Here are some of my favorites from her shop
This onesie kills me...IT IS SO CUTE!

Peppermint Love Red Ruffle Bottom Baby Bodysuit - Christmas Holiday Girl Gift
Red Nosed Reindeer Boy's Baby Bodysuit Or Shirt - Christmas Holiday
Personalized Red Polka Dot Holiday Ruffle Bottom Bodysuit - Baby Girl Christmas Gift
Here is a small bio on Crystal:

I have 3 daughters and a stepson that are all the light of my life! I love making clothes for my kids, so I decided to start a shop where I could share my designs with other children as well. I love making quality, colorful, fun clothes that moms and kids both love, that are at an affordable price. I called my shop Peace Love and Kids because that's what it's is all about!


Crystal is offering ONE LUCKY winner their choice of a baby girl or baby boy 
gingerbread onesie ($16 value) 

Crystal is ALSO offering you guys 15% off your purchase during the giveaway period!
 Coupon Code :LOVE15
So get your daughters that adorable ruffle bottom onesie!

8 Ways to ENTER
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The giveaway will run through Dec 6th @ 11:59pm
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Do not forget to check back for more giveaways! 
I have 8 more to come!
PS if you're a momma and you missed My Take Tuesday....check it out!!:)
It's ALL about unwanted advice!! Gotta love it!

My Take Tuesday...Unwanted Advice

The minute you become pregnant,
There are a few things that are ahead…the obvious weight gain and growing belly…
 The floodgates open the minute you announce your pregnancy and they come at high speed….

“When I was pregnant, I only gained X amount of pounds are you sure you are on target?”
“I would never deliver my baby without the drugs, you will definitely want to get the drugs!”
“Are you sure you aren’t carrying twins?”
“Do you think you should eat that?”
“You will need this, this and this…mainly because my child loved It!”

And good Lord once the baby arrives…

“You should be feeding him every few hours”
"He probably needs a pacifier...try the pacifier"
“Make sure you sleep when the baby sleeps”
“You should not start solids until exactly”
“You need to start with veggies first instead of fruit”
“You should make sure he has his coat on at all times”
“You need to do this….You need to do that”

I wish I could say it stopped once your child turns one
Even outside of the baby stage it keeps coming!

“My child did not do that until this age”
“2 is much harder than 1…Get ready for chaos!”
“Are you sure he should be doing that?”
"He should really have his shoes on" 

My favorite advice is when it comes from people without KIDS…
Like really…you know this…HOW!?!?

I wish my kids had this shirt…
can I get this in a 2t, 18mos and newborn please!
My Mom Doesn't Want Your Advice

Sometimes it takes all the energy I have to not backhand people or blow up completely…
BUT then I would get advice on how to handle my emotions haha
It’s a lose-lose situation!
Thankfully after Vincent the advice slowed down to a more calm pattern.
I wonder if it is because people saw that he was healthy, thriving and perfectly fine!?
Once Luke arrived we still got advice but not near as much…THANK GOD.
And with Jude I am expecting slim to none…
I am a person who likes to do things on my own and if I want advice I will gladly ask.
But getting it unwanted drives me bonkers!

What I have learned is that EVERY SINGLE CHILD IS DIFFERENT…
And EVERY parent is different…
What worked for Vincent or Luke may or may not work for your child.
What you think is the right way to do things may not be the way I do things…
Therefore my advice stays within my own mind unless you ask!:)

I mean seriously we ALL know that we have advice we would love to give...
Like today when I took my glucose test (vomit) and a lady walked in for hers drinking a frappe...
I wanted to say...
"HEY idiot YOU, you might as well not take the test because you WILL FAIL from drinking that!"
but that little tidbit of advice stayed tucked in my head...
Okay..I shared it with Jordan, but stayed away from the pregnant lady! haha

I know most times the advice giver is not trying to be rude….
I say most times because let’s face it, I think sometimes people want to be RUDE…
and try to have the upper hand on us mommas...
But I hope think our friends, parents and relatives just want to help…and they mean well.

But in all seriousness
Whatever happened to a nice….”WOW you look great!”
“I am so excited for you guys!”
“Pregnancy or Motherhood is really looking good on you!”
Or just asking how things are going and listening to what the mother is going through…
THEN maybe if she asks for advice,  it would be appropriate to give it to her.
Just be there for your friends/family, let them know your there if they need you!

In the end, the most important thing you can do, is trust your gut.
You know what is right for YOUR child!
Be educated on your choices so when someone attacks them you can be confident
and snap right back haha!
I love to let people know that I am knowledgeable about things regarding the boys
Stand your ground also when you feel like the advice is getting to be too much.
Some people can just blow it off and ignore it (Jordan)
But it eats at me so I have to let people know to back off at times.
Because I take any rudeness as a dig at my ability to parent...
and that does not fly with me...
I am typically very calm and quiet but mess with my kids or my family...
it's on!:)

Some advice is worth listening to, other isn't.
Just weed through it, and don't be afraid to ask questions when YOU chose to take advice
I found a few easy responses to give for unwanted advice that should hopefully help…
“Really? I am glad that worked for you!”
Or a simple...
“I will consider that!”
I know your eyes will be rolling during both responses

I know those are both easier said than done…
If all else fails, get together with your girlfriends, have a glass bottle of wine and bitch about all the wonderful advice you have been handed and laugh at all the craziness!

What is the WORST advice you have been given? Or has been shoved in your face!?
Now that you are a mom are you more hesitant to give advice like I am? 
OR How do you calmly deal with it or let it slide?

Piece of Advice...make sure you enter the Wild Juniper Giveaway!
I think that is advice you will appreciate...
if not feel free to call me out on it!:)

Happy Tuesday! 

It's HERE!!! Christmas Giveaways START NOW!!! WILD JUNIPER!!! CLOSED!

I am beyond excited to start my Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza today!
(a little later than expected due to a lot of craziness around the homestead)
So let's get this party started....
I have a total of 10 etsy shops participating...
YOU will have 10 chances to win some great stuff for your little ones!
You better believe a lot of the shops have cute BOYS stuff which 
we know is HARD to come by!
I am going to do these giveaways M-F for the next 2 weeks, 
I am going to post normal Allie stuff in there as well because we have a lot going on...
and I do not want my blog centered around giveaways only...
(Christmas Decor, 25 weeks, Ultrasound News, Jordans Primal Stuff, Recipes)
So I will post my regular "stuff" at 8am
(okay lets be noon is a better time frame!)
 and giveaways will start daily around 4pm!

Here is our line up of shops COMING....

and TODAY we have WILD JUNIPER! 

Can I love Wild Juniper any more....
I am not sure if it is POSSIBLE...
Usually shops only have cute stuff for little girls...
What about the mamas with all boys (stand up and raise your hands high with me ladies!!)
Well Wild Juniper has EVERY one covered....

I died when I saw all their boy's stuff...
Baby First Christmas---Boy Christmas Outfit --First Christmas Boy Outfit--Vintage Bow Tie and Suspenders Onesie--Red and Green
Hipster Baby--Artsy Baby--Boy Photo Prop--Baby Boy--Vintage Inspired Mustache--Black--Custom Made to Order
Anyone notice who this little stud is!?!? It's Annie's little cutie Cullen from Chapters of Our Life! 
First Christmas--Snowman Outfit-Baby Clothes-Gender Neutral Outfit--Onesie-Vintage Inspired Snowman -Custom Made to Order
They sent Luke this ADORABLE onesie...
I cannot handle the CUTENESS!! He looks like he is ready to hit his office...
And do not worry momma's with girls they HAVE SO MUCH!
SALE--Baby Girl Christmas Headband--Baby Girl Holiday Headband--Christmas Headband--Baby Girl First Christmas
Baby Girl Christmas Headband--Baby Girl Holiday Headband--Christmas Headband--Baby Girl First Christmas
On top of that they have stuff for the adults, home, nurseries...pretty much ANYTHING you can imagine!

Here is a quick bio from the shop owners Racheal and Erin...

"Hi! My name is Racheal, a displaced Southerner from Mississippi living in the Midwest with my amazing husband Jeff and adorable little baby girl Nora-and we can't forget my favorite mutt, Lucy! I love to dress little Nora in fun, unique items. I love to handmake gifts for family. Along with spending time with my family, I love baking, sewing, and thrifting. My day feels full and complete when I find time to do some of my favorite things.

Hey, I'm Erin! I am what they call a midwest girl. I was lucky enough to marry my cowboy (Justin) and settle down. Before long we found a crazy dog (named her Atlis) and in the last year we were blessed to add a rambunctious little boy to our lives (we call him Everett.) Life is anything but boring and we love it. Before I knew my abc's, I was passionate about adding creativity to everyday life. I still am. Whether its playing with design in our home or creating new things from old, life has always been hands on.

We are first-time moms who are figuring out how this whole mommy thing works. How can we live in a way that inspires our kids? We want to live fearlessly and creatively, while still honoring our families. We love our kids and can't believe how great this adventure is (though it can sure be stressful!) Not only do we love our new role as "momma", we love to create. Creating gives a sense of purpose. As my hands move, my mind rests. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment in seeing what can be created from an old t-shirt, that pre-baby skirt, a beautiful yard of fabric, an old frame, a chair found at a thrift store....

We want to add embellishment, creativity, and originality to our lives, and we want to share it with you!"

I love creative mamas and these two are VERY creative!!!
If only they lived in my town we could have some craft nights!
I checked their vintage site and died over the children's desk they had....
Kids Desk---Cherry Red--Vintage--Chalkboard Top
The top of the desk is....

They are offering ONE LUCKY winner $35 to their shop!!!
I could spend 35 dollars in a second!!

(please leave one comment for EACH entry)

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*Add Wild Juniper to your faves on Etsy 

The giveaway will run for one week.
Entries will be accepted until Dec 5th @ 11:59pm
Winner will be chosen by

Stop back tomorrow afternoon for ANOTHER Giveaway!:)

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap...

Whew, I am very glad to be home!

As much as I love seeing family it is always nice to have the boys in their own rooms 
and having everything in it's place vs in a suitcase! 

Thanksgiving was GREAT!
We left Wednesday and stopped by the farm to pick up our turkey friend...
Jordan almost took a 29lb turkey, but thankfully he stuck with a 19lb one instead
{we have so much left overs as is}
We did a FRESH organic free range turkey (butchered that day) and it tasted AMAZING...
That night we went out to eat with a few of the girls from my class and their husbands/fiances
It was nice to catch up with everyone

Thursday was ALL ABOUT eating...
as if that is not whats on my mind most days
My stepmom and dad did an excellent job cooking, as always! 

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is how AMAZING the turkey is...
Diane puts bacon on the outside for the first half of cooking which makes for an amazing snack midcook
She also stuffs it with all kinds of goodness (oranges, celery, herbs out the wazoo!)
Vincent helped in the kitchen a lot...
This is how insane Luke is....
Not only does he try to walk down the stairs...
He stands on EVERY THING
The stuffing is out of this has apples and ham in it...YUMMMM
My cake
That night ended with Vincent passing out in my arms during the rosary...
After a semi-good nights rest...
The boys were both getting over a cold this weekend and did not sleep well
We hit the mall...
Baby Gap was having some great sales...
I picked up lots of stuff for the boys and a coming home outfit for Jude...
I have searched HIGH AND LOW for those hats and they had TWO LEFT...
Both in the boys sizes...
it was FATE!!!
After shopping we hit a local ice cream place...
it was the first time I had ever been there...
We get a lot of milk from there, they sell grassfed milk so all their ice cream was made with it...
The boys LOVED IT!
Chrissy and Claira also stopped that night over for a little visit...
Claira is so freaking sweet and cuddly!
I LOVE spending time with them! I wish we lived closer...
That night I had a date with Lightroom 3 installing...
Just me...Jude...and Lightroom!

Until a certain snuggle bug snuck in!!

Vincent now loves my "TAMERA" and likes to take pics...
The next day we headed home!
Then today we got our tree!! YAY!
Are these hats NOT TO DIE FOR!?!?!!
I wanted a pic of both boys but Luke ran, 
and at first Vincent would only smile towards the tree worker guy! HAHA
There we go!!:)
Where is Luke!??!
Peek a boo!! 
Boys and Puddles...
When we got home we got a little bit of Christmas stuff out waiting for the tree to be delivered...
Bring it in DAD!
Hauling bertha inside...

More pics to come once we finally get her decorated this week!!

Check back to WIN!! 
Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!!