More Business of Being Born is HERE!! Review & Giveaway!

Today is the day! More Business of Being Born is released!
This is a 4 movie series from producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. They released The Business of Being Born in 2008 and it has changed so many women and men's views on the birth experience. 
They made this series of new movies to go more in depth on some of the topics 
they only had a chance to "touch" on in the first movie.

I was BEYOND excited when I was emailed to preview the movie and do a review on it! This is probably my most favorite review and giveaway EVER! I fell in love with the first movie instantly and this movie just reinforced my drive for other women to KNOW their options on childbirth! 

All 4 movies were great....I do not want to give it all away so these are just brief write ups of what I thought!
 I want you all to see it for yourselves!!:)

The first movie: Down on The Farm: Conversations with Legendary Midwife Ina May Gaskin
I am not going to lie, I have heard of Ina May but I have never read her books and this movie went into her history and impact on the world of childbirth. I sat in awe of all she has accomplished and all the good she has brought to the women in our country. Hearing her talk about certain topics was truly a treat. Ricki, Abby, and Kim Paisley went to a visit on "The Farm" and talked in depth with Ina May and the other midwives...I wish I lived closer I would definitely have my next baby at The Farm. Ina May is truly an amazing woman! WOW

The second movie: Special Deliveries: Celebrity Mothers Talk Straight on Birth, was HILARIOUS! It features so many celebs talking about their experiences. They were so real and open about it all! Each had envisioned their perfect birth, some got their wish and others got side tracked but at the end of the day they delivered their babies happy and healthy with no regrets! It was neat to hear all their views, Gisele Bundchen was told she was "too petite" to deliver a baby naturally and she would need a c-section, she NEVER saw that doctor again and delivered naturally with no drugs! This was probably my favorite movie of the series. Alanis Morrisette's stories were FANTASTIC! She hit the nail on the head with her descriptions of natural childbirth. Her and I would totally be best friends!
Ricki.Alanis Photo 300x235 MORE Business of Being Born: An Interview With Ricki Lake [video]
(I totally should have put my face on Ricki's haha)
The third movie: Explore Your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers &; C-Sections, was a closer look at the actual options women have. I had a doula for Vincent's birth so I love to hear what others have to say about their experience with doulas. If you ever had questions about what doulas do this movie explains it ALL! If you want to explore more birth options this movie is for you. It is jam packed full of facts and information! It will explain the differences between hospital setting vs a birthing center. 

The fourth movie: The VBAC Dilemma: What Your Options Really Are, went into depth on the the TRUTH behind VBAC's! I of course do not have a lot of background on C-sections but I know a LOT of women who have had them and are curious of their options. It was VERY interesting to learn just HOW many options are out there for women! It shows just how messed up the insurance companies have these hospitals and how they are pretty much the ones pulling the strings for no VBAC's. It is VERY informative and I think a great movie even if you have never had a c-section.

My all time favorite part of the movies was a quote by Cindy Crawford about giving birth
"No one delivered my baby for me. I delivered my baby"
I, no joke wanted to high five her for that! 
It is so true and empowering about the entire process of childbirth! I love it! 

Now time for the FUN!!!
We are giving one lucky reader online access codes to view ALL 4 Movies!
(a 59.99 value)

To enter
(leave one comment for each entry) 

Tell me why you would love to see this movie! I would love hear all your stories! 
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I will announce the winner on Nov 15th! Good Luck ladies!
 If you have not yet had a chance to see The Business of Being Born, you can stream it online at Netflix! 
You can also get the new MORE Business of Being Born online (separately or all 4 movies!)


  1. EEEK!!! I would love to get this movie because I've only seen the 3rd one. I LOVED the 3rd movie & it really put my perspectives in place. I'm all about natural births so I would love, love, love to see them all!! pick meee!!!

  2. I really really really want to win this!! As I mentioned in my email yesterday, I have watched the original movie SO many times. I would love to watch the new ones because I am in total research mode preparing for my first baby to be born! I loved all the information from the first movie and I just know that these new ones will be just as amazing. I especially want to watch the one about Ina May Gaskin!! My fingers are crossed!!

  3. I woke up this morning with a feeling that I should enter a contest but I could not for the life of me figure out WHY, or WHAT I was supposed to enter. Maybe this is a sign I will actually win one of these things?! Who knows!

    Anyway - I actually did not enjoy the first movie. I actually enjoyed Pregnant In America FAR better. However all the reasons I enjoyed PIA over BOBB was because they made it more watchable, more entertaining in my eyes. After looking over the previews of the movie (not going to lie, mostly since you've been raving about it!) I think this is exactly what I was hoping the first one would be.

    I really love the empowerment, no matter what kind of birth you want to have, and I feel that these movies are really focusing on that. On refusing to let doctors tell a woman what her body can and can't do, especially when it's for the wrong reasons.

    Regardless of if I win, I can't wait to see the movies!

  4. So... I'm totally that weird girl who has been researching all things baby since like last year... just waiting for my husband to give the go ahead. I have a favorites folder designed for all the awesome baby advice I've seen on blogs and I've even scheduled a pre-checkup at the doctors just in case he says yes this spring.. :) So I would LOVE to win these!

  5. Like Mrs. C., I have been researching baby stuff, and waiting for my husband's ok (and hopefully for him to have a job). I am really interested in the topic of birth and I want to have my children in the most natural way possible.
    Jeanne G.

  6. I need to watch number three for our third baby (someday) since our insurance is changing to a high deductible. No way am I going to pay $10,000 for our baby to be born in a hospital again. And after your review, number two is also a must!

  7. cause i wanna do this shiz natural & i just really want to see it & you love me..
    that should be enough..

    but no really. I wanna get more educate since my hospital is not & not my options with this birth!

  8. AH! I would love to win! I wanted so badly to have a drug free birth with Lily, but ended up with an epidural. I really want to do it with the next one though (whenever that is!)

  9. I would love to see this movie because my husband and I have been discussing having another child recently, and something that is so very important to me is knowing that a VBAC is an option for me. I don't know many women who have had VBACs or VBA2Cs, however, I feel this documentary could educate me. Not only do I want to have a VBAC I want to have an entirely drug free birth as well. I agree, I also wanted to high five Cindy Crawford. Actually, I just fought the urge to yell "YOU GO GIRL" about six times during that trailer.

  10. I would love to win because I want to at least watch the videos. I have seen so much hype about the first that I really just want to form my own opinion abou them. Awesome giveaway!!!

  11. Oh my word! I want to win this one super duper bad! I saw the first one and am really excited to see this one, regardless of if I win this give away or not. Having a natural birth this time around is so important to me. It has been something I've prayed about since the moment I found out #2 was on the way and I know this set of movies would be SUCH an encouragement to me in my journey to our birth.

    Love ya girl. Thanks for posting this awesome giveaway!

  12. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED The Business of Being Born. I watched it early during my last pregnancy and even though we had already decided to use midwife/natural childbirth it was soooo informative. I have a huge advocate for empowereing women about their choices/rights. I read Ina May's books during my first pregnancy and fell in love with her. I am now pregnant with out 2nd child and I can't wait to do it all over again! I can't wait to see MBOBB!

  13. I loved the first movie and now need to watch this one since I'll be giving birth to my 2nd bambino in approximately 10 weeks and need all the info I can get!!

  14. I absolutely loved reading the Business of Being born. I wanted to tell every single female about how awesome of a book it is. Still to this day I must say it is a necessary read.

    That said I'm sure the movies are also a great watch!

  15. I'm planning on a natural birth for this 2nd pregnancy & I would love to see the movies! I need all the advice/ information I can get.