My Take Tuesday(day early):The Business of Being Born

I have written briefly on The Business of Being Born as one of the driving forces
behind my choice to go natural for the births of my boys. 
And I wanted to go into more detail on it today because I was lucky enough to pre-screen 
the new series More Business of Being Born, that releases tomorrow, Nov 8th 
(check back for my review and giveaway tomorrow)

When I was pregnant I wanted to know EVERYTHING.
Every single LAST detail about every aspect of pregnancy and birth.
I wanted to know just how bad it hurt....
What an epidural was...did it hurt?
What the heck is an episiotomy?
How LONG labor lasted?
What a contraction REALLY felt like?
What the heck "transition period" meant?
What pitocin was?
I mean you hear EVERY mom talk about these things but they just sound foreign to a first time mom.
Pretty much ANY THING related to the birthing process...I NEEDED TO KNOW.

I asked my friends and anyone who had babies.
Their answers were always pretty similar to the effect of "You will know when..." or "It was not too bad" or most commonly "JUST GET THE DRUGS!"
I realized I needed to do as much research as I possibly could so I could go into that delivery room
I wanted to be able to know what the doctors and nurses were refering to (in case of emergency)
I wanted to know ALL the terms and ALL of my options.

I started asking around on babycenter to see where others were getting their information and I kept seeing comments refering to The Business of Being Born movie...I figured I would start there....
(if you have Netflix it streams online...SCORE)

The movie OPENED my eyes to ALL of the options I had....
It really made me question a lot of the "interventions" that take place during labor...
Were these ALL necessary??
(sometimes they are....but more often then not they shove the drugs down your throat
vs letting nature do its thing)
It opened my eyes to just how HIGH our cesarean rate is in the United States....
which then terrified me of pitocin...
It opened my eyes to just HOW MUCH I wanted to have my baby natural without all the BS...

The OB on call during Vincent's birth ordered me an epidural saying I could not do it without drugs...
SERIOUSLY not question me...
((insert LOTS OF choice words))
Mind you, she had NEVER met me, talked to me or seen me...
Yet since she was an OB she just assumed as a first time mom I would need it...
(Guess who I never give referrals to....and I warn my friends of!!)
I made sure my midwife let her know at the end that I DID NOT NEED her stupid drugs....

The movie also talked a lot about the option of home birth....
Not gonna lie....coming out of the movie I was ALL ON BOARD for a HOME BIRTH....
If there was a sign up sheet.
My name would have been signed in ink in a heartbeat.
I was sure that it was for me....
That was until....
I met with the home birth midwives and they scared me off a little with their all TOO natural approach
of how they would deal with me bleeding in an emergency situation
I asked "What if I were to start hemorrhaging after birth"
Their reply was "We would give you some herbs"
I was NOT happy with that answer...and thus chose that I would have a natural birth in a hospital setting 
for my first birth....since I had NO idea what to expect
I wanted to know that there was an ICU just in case....

(funny side note(not really funny, more ironic): after Vincent came out I would NOT stop bleeding...I am talking hemoragging like CRAZY...they were prepping an OR for me. They would press on my belly to see if the bleeding had stopped only to see MORE blood and clots come FLYING OUT...I was praying to God for no more blood to come. It was horrific. Then the doctor found a tiny piece of placenta that was still attached inside of me and she reached inside me (worst pain ever...since I had zero drugs) and yanked it out...thankfully the bleeding slowly stoppped...but it was TERRIFYING!!!!)

It was really great to watch and learn all the ins and outs of childbirth...
How certain drugs can create certain outcomes...
I also found that a lot of birth stories with particular drugs have some of the negative outcomes they showed.
Not saying all drugs are BAD but watching and learning I quickly
found they were not for me
I am terrified of needles and also side effects so for me I would much rather have pain!

They also talked a lot in the movie about how UNCOMMON natural births are....
At first I did not believe it....
UNTIL....I gave birth to Vincent and NO JOKE 10 interns and nursing students came in my room 
to actually watch someone deliver a baby naturally!
(you really could care less who SEES at that point in delivery)

Childbirth is an experience.
It is an experience that should be planned for.
I can not imagine going into labor without ALL of the knowledge I had!
I would have felt completely lost.
No matter what women chose for their ultimate route of birth I just encourage you to be educated.
Ask questions if you do not understand!
Ask about side effects.
Read all that you can... The answers are out there!
If you are not comfortable with your OB or Midwife...switch!
This is YOUR birth, YOU are in control.
(that is unless there is a TRUE complication...then all bets are off....sorry lol)
I had a birth plan but if my baby was in distress or something was wrong I was fine 
with my birth plan going out the window. 
Births are so unpredictable so just be okay if your plan does not go perfectly.
Luckily mine went pretty much accordingly to plan...thank God!
But with the birth of babe number 3 coming in March
I am just as nervous as I was going into labor the first time.
But with all that I have learned I know that I have a voice and will try my best to keep things going my way.

Tomorrow the NEW 4-movie series comes out which goes into MORE DEPTH 
on all the topics regarding birth....
Watch the trailer here...

Check back tomorrow (the BIG release day) for my review on all 4 movies
 and a GIVEAWAY for you to see the movie!!!


  1. I am so so so excited for this!!! I have probably watched the first one at LEAST a dozen times already. I'm so glad I'll get to see the new one before its my turn to give birth (due in Feb). Can't wait!

  2. I never watched that movie, but now I want to lol. I had sections both times. Part of me wishes I could have experienced a natural birth but meh, they arrived safely and that's the point!

  3. (However I still wanna.see the movies lol)

  4. I've heard of the movie but never watched it, I'm afraid it may scare me more! During our childbirth class we learned a lot and I do feel better prepared and knowledgable about our options. With that said as a first time mom my main birth plan is to get the baby out as safely and painlessly as possible. I have a very low pain tolerance so I have no problem with getting the drugs :)

  5. AH! i hope i win this giveaway!! i <3 the 1st movie!

  6. Super excited for this movie! I am SO much more educated this time around than I was with Sophie. I pretty much just did what the doctors told me to do. And I wish I would have decided for myself more, what was right for me.

    I am so excited to hopefully get my natural birth this time! (Not excited for the pain...but you know what I mean!). To actually feel everything, to know that my body is capable and was MADE to deliver babies. I just love this!

    I'm so glad I have you as a resource! You're so encouraging!

  7. This has sparked my interest, I can't wait to watch!

  8. Glad you wrote about this topic. I am a total natural birth advocate. Absolutely. But for the safety of myself and both of my children, I had to have two c-sections. I find this documentary OFFENSIVE on some of it's points! I'm sorry, but I do. As if I don't feel like enough of a failure for being unable to deliver my children as nature intended, this film makes me feel even worse! While I think elective c-sections are absolutely ridiculous, they are sometimes unquestionably mandatory (like in my family's situation). I do not believe that having to have a c-section took away from the bonding experience I had with my children. I also know many other mothers who had to have c-sections that had instant bonds with their children. Not only that but I have met women who gave birth naturally that had difficulty bonding. I don't think the way a woman gives birth has anything to do with the whole bonding experience, I think it just depends on the woman herself and the situation of her life at that time. Was this an unwanted pregnancy? Does she have a supportive partner? Does she feel like she doesn't know how to care for a baby? Is she more susceptible to postpartum depression? Did she have depression before giving birth? How is her financial situation? Does she have stability at home? I will say I agree with the documentary about medical professionals "shoving medicine down your throat" as you put it. There are a lot of times when those things are not necessary. But I do believe, especially in high risk cases like myself, that birthing in a hospital is ideal. So that if a potentially dangerous (not to mention unpredictable) situation arises help is immediately available. At the hospital where we had both of our children we are fortunate to have dealt with a medical staff who let us have our space. My doctor avoids c-sections like the plague so I knew that when he decided it was time to deliver that way that he meant business. When my contractions became strong, an epidural was offered to me, but not pushed on me. I, like you, wanted to feel everything (that is, until I was on the operating that point I was happy to be given drugs). From what I can see, Allie, you and I have very similar viewpoints where childbirth is concerned. I was a woman, just like you, who wanted a natural birth and had a birth plan, but when medical intervention became necessary I allowed the safety of myself and my child to be placed into the hands of medical professionals. You are blessed to have had two successful natural births and I am sure your third will go just as beautifully. Good job Mama!

  9. Oooo I have to watch this. I am actually planning on a natural hospital birth this time around. I'm reading a book called "natural hospital birth, the best of both worlds". I was really amazed at how uncommon natural births are in the US!

    Anyway, thanks for the info!

  10. I was surprised how anytime I said I wasn't feeling well, the nurses reply was "do you want something for that?" I hate taking pain pills, and I kept having to ask what they were giving me. I watched the original movie, and while it was a bit extreme for me (I'd never consider not delivering in a hospital), it was nice to get a different perspective.

  11. As a natural childbirth educator, doula and a home birth mom myself I used the first movie to give a peek into the dangerous world of hospital birth, and it has helped open eyes so that they don't just take my word for it. We need all the help we can get to make big changes for the better I love what you have done and I know this movie, in my hands will make an impact.