What's in a name!?

Have you ever wondered why people chose their children's name?
Well guess no longer on my name choices....

Vincent Jeffery
When we were pregnant we could not decide on a name first name
(I knew I wanted to use my dad's name Jeffery, most likely as a middle name)
we had a few that we liked but nothing...PERFECT.
That was until we were talking about cool family names and Jordan's twin Alex
said he really liked the name Vincent, after their great uncle, who was quite the character they said...
I am not sure if we "stole" the name from Alex but once I heard it, it had to be our son's name...
and obviously it is!

Vincent- after Jordan's Great Uncle, and St Vincent
meaning "To Conquer"
patron saint of charities

Jeffery-after my father
meaning "God's Peace"

(Funny thing is St. Vincent's feast day if my dad's birthday...cool right!?!)

I must begin now by telling you that Jordan "won" the rights to name our second child...
We were playing a game once and I am VERY competitive and made a huge wager...
Saying if he won, he could have naming rights of the next child...
Well HE WON...and he chose to have the choice of the next two middle names vs one first name...
I think because he knew I would never sign the papers for some of his first name choices...
Therefore our next son...

Luke Cosmas
I have always LOVED the name Luke...and we actually agreed on it!

The middle name was Jordan's choice...
He really likes St Cosmas and St.Damian...
and since I think Damian has a bad reputation with sounding a tad evil....
He went with Cosmas.
The priests are usually the ones who really "get" Luke's middle name, 
others just think we made it up or it is something from space.

Luke- after St Luke
meaning "bringer of light"
patron saint of physicians and doctors

Cosmas-after St Cosmas
meaning "order"
patron saint of physicians
(Think he may be a doctor??? We did not realize both names were patron saints of doctors til recently)

Jude Edward
We actually had no problem deciding on Jude's name! I have always loved the name Jude, and hello St. Jude's charity for children (amazing). Plus both names intertwined with both of Jordan's grandpas! Sorry to my grandpa's (Richard aka Dick, and Delbert- RIP) not much to work with there guys!

after Jordan's Grandpa's confirmation name & St Jude
meaning "praise" (which after how he came into our lives makes perfect sense!)
patron saint of desperate causes

after Jordan's Grandfather's middle name
meaning "wealth protector"

I love all of our name choices for the boys! I would not have it any other way! 
I feel like they are strong masculine names...
Isn't it weird how they totally form into their name. 
Vincent would never be a Luke and vice versa, just wouldn't make sense!

I would LOVE to hear your names!
Who are your kids named after!? 
Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm actually so jealous - my first choice name for our son is Jude! since highschool its been my favorite boys name. But my hbby is dead set on using a German origin name and wont agree to Jude :(

  2. Hey! So I follow your blog and I just found out (after finally opening my email from the glitz and glam thing from Raven and Linds blog) that we are partners! ;)

    I just am reading a bit on your blog more about you and what not. I didnt know your first boy was born in April! What date? My firstborn Naomi Hope was born April 27 2009. I had her at 28 weeks to severe preeclampsia, shes my sweet baby angel, watching over her little sister and mommy every day! <3

    Congrats on your pregnancy with your 3rd boy! my goodness, you will be busy!

    I just sent you an email about the gift swap! :0)

  3. We loved the name Landon (a Nascar driver LOL) and we knew his middle name would be Claude after my father.

    Hannah, we loved the name again and her middle names Shirley Ann, are after my maternal grandmother.

    I love that you guys put a lot of thought and meaning into all of the names you've chosen for your sons.

  4. LOVE your boys names!

    our son is Brycen Jack. I wanted Bryce, hubby disliked it, but loved Brycen. his middle name is for my father in law (first name is john but he went by Jack, and my inlaws had already used John as a middle name), as well as a good friend of ours that passed away. Jack since it is based on John, means God is gracious. Brycen is the Son of Bryce, who was a nobleman.

  5. Our son is Jonas Garry.

    Jonas (From Jonah) is a name we had picked out when we first started dating, almost 10 years before we had our son.

    Garry is after my husbands father who passed away when my hubby was 13.

    I love his name! I love that it has history behind it...mine doesn't, and I kinda wish it had.

  6. Typing this will give you the inside scoop as to what our little San Francisco's name really is! It's still top secret, but I wanted to add to this conversation too. ;)

    Our little girl (due end of February/beginning of March) is going to be named Selah Faith. Selah is my husband's pick and it's from the Bible (Psalms). It means "stop and listen" as in to give time for praise and thanks. Faith came from what I needed to have after our miscarriage and also during this pregnancy, with all of the pregnancy worries. Her full name together basically means to stop and give thanks to God for what He has given us.

    There you have it. Top Secret info: San Francisco (aka Sasha Fierce) is actually Selah Faith. Remember, it's still a secret though! :)

    Beth from twitter (@jemini602)

  7. you know i LOVE the boys' names... all of them! especially the fact that they have such special meanings behind them.... p.s. great buy on the lightroom! i LOVE it!

  8. Jensen Troy - Jensen from Jensen Ackles, hot actor in Supernatural. LOL ok we didn't name our son FOR him but I always loved the name and I brought it up to Rob expecting him to hate it, and he loved it! Troy is my dad's name so he is Jensen Troy.

    Blake Robert - This name was all Rob's. I was not a huge fan of Blake to be honest, but since we were having twins and Rob let me change his girls choice from Lainey to Elaine (with us calling her Lainey) I let him have Blake. Robert is obviously for my husband, Robert.

    Elaine Michelle - Rob LOVED Lainey but I felt it was too little kiddish. What would she do when she was 30? 50? 80? Lainey for life? So Rob let me choose Elaine when I gave him Blake (he came up with the deal on his own so I don't feel bad about getting my way lol). Michelle is my mom's name.

    You may be wondering why they are all named for my parents and my husband. My name is Amy Marie, I am named for my mom (Michelle Marie) and my dad's great aunt Amelia. I love the idea of family names for middle names, but believe each child should have it's own identity, starting with their own first name. Our children are not named after anyone for several generations in my family (there might be an Elaine that's long dead by now, I am not sure, but no Jensen's or Blake's).

    Rob vehemently refused to name our children after his family. We do not get along well with them but more then that he HATES their names. Sidney (his dad) Cheryl Lee (his mom) and his name is Robert John, and his brothers name is Jon (without the H). Not even kidding, they have a huge thing for the name John.

    If I had my choice Blake would be Elliot to be honest, but I got Elaine's name changed to what I wanted so I can live with it. My MIL however HATES our names and she is constantly telling people we are naming them Blane and Elaine to rhyme (which makes Rob VERY mad because he is very against matchy names for twins) and then tells me she will not call Elaine Elaine or Lainey, but Sarah. I told Rob the first time she does is the last time she sees my daughter.

    So yeah, that's where our names are from!