Winner, Winner!!!

Alright ladies! The winner for the More Business of Being Born movie series is.....
Drum roll please....
(picked by if anyone knows how to get the image from please inform me)

comment # 11....

"Haley Galloway said...

Oh my word! I want to win this one super duper bad! I saw the first one and am really excited to see this one, regardless of if I win this give away or not. Having a natural birth this time around is so important to me. It has been something I've prayed about since the moment I found out #2 was on the way and I know this set of movies would be SUCH an encouragement to me in my journey to our birth. 

Love ya girl. Thanks for posting this awesome giveaway!"

Haley please contact me and I will get you your special movie codes!!

I wish I could have given all of you the movies, I really do
If you have a chance to get them movie #3 is my FAVE!
So if you chose one I would pick 3 if you want to learn more about natural births! 
Also my favorite book was Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

Other than that I used all the info I could gather from other moms, blogs, baby center, and my midwives! I am here if anyone EVER has any questions, big or small! 
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Check back tomorrow for my review and GIVEAWAY on one of my favorite Etsy shops
You will have a chance to win something special for your babe, 
like Luke's adorable handmade monster hat!

Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. Oh BOOOOO :( I wanted to win!!! Congratulations to Haley though!!

    To get the image from I always hit screen print and then paste that image into paint (totally high-tech)and then just cut the part I want. There's probably an easier way but that is how I figured it out :)

    Thanks for hosting such a GREAT giveaway! We attended our first low-intervention childbirth class last night and I'm already so glad we picked that class! Thanks for recommending that book- I was just online researching books I want to read in the next couple months.

  2. WOOHOO! I'm so excited I won (I've never won a giveaway!). I know where to reach you! ;)

  3. Well congrats to the winner! And good LORD that hat is ADORABLE.