2011: A year in review!

WOW! We have had such a huge year
I cannot believe all that we did in the past year, all that has transpired and what lies ahead for 2012. 
This year we moved to a new city, made new friends, traveled a ton, had our share of emotional lows and highs and most importantly grown together as a family. 

Here is a look back...
January- Not a lot happened, we were just settling into our new house and town. I blogged about some typical baby stuff such as diaper blowouts and Luke's first face plant {I still cringe at this}....
February- Luke turned 6 months old and I turned the BIG 2-5 and Jordan and I took a weekend getaway to Chi-town! 
March- My love affair started with the Canon Rebel and I finally got the quality pictures I was dreaming of...I caught Vincent being hilarious in one of my favorite posts....We bought our jogger which made for fun runs and easy adventures with the boys! 
April- My little man Vincent turned 2 with a monster bash....Verner also celebrated a birthday, his 3rd...Luke and Vincent grew closer together and started to enjoy their brotherhood even more! 
May- We took our first family vacation to Charleston, SC and Tampa, FL{ longest trip ever}, My boys feet touched the oceans for the first time! Luke popped his first set of chompers, and we learned the last day of vacation that I was pregnant! We had a lot to think about on that 18 hour drive home!! 
June- OH JUNE...you started off VERY ROCKY...The first day of June I miscarried the baby we had just found out about on vacation, We said goodbye and moved on and thanked God for our family of 4! We went to Niagara Falls and spent a lot of quality family time together! 
July- July was HUGE for us!! We celebrated the 4th of July with our families, Vincent became fully potty trained and we were blessed with another pregnancy, we conceived this babe literally days after miscarrying! Oh yes, I also started Inviaslign and wrote a post about how amazing my husband is!:)
It was a GREAT MONTH! 
August- Luke turned 1 with a fun carnival party, Jordan and I celebrated our anniversary, Luke started walking and we ended summer on a great note!
September- I lost my vlog virginity , we went to 2 county fairs {i love me some fair food}, we celebrated our anniversary with a NYC trip and I discussed whether or not we would find out the gender {I thought I was strong} and we started preparing for Fall! 
October- We took some of my all time favorite photos, spent lots of time outside, went trick or treating for the first time, had our 20 week ultrasound and ended with a weekend in Vegas! 
November- We finally started to wind down the crazy year, I explained how I spilled the beans and found out the gender of baby #3! I shared where all the boys names came from, and ended the month celebrating all that I am thankful for with my family for Thanksgiving!  
December- ALWAYS my favorite month of the year! We had such an amazing month celebrating with our loved ones and looking back at the year we have had! We took a quick Christmas getaway and ended with a fun night tonight with our family! 
I cannot even begin to explain the joy I have about the year and looking back at it makes me so happy! We had a few bumps along the way but I cannot complain one bit.
I am blessed with the best husband, 2.75 healthy boys {haha} and everything I could ever ask for!
I pray that 2012 can keep up with us!:) 

Happy New Year!! 


  1. As always, I enjoy you posts and I'm excited to read your blogs in 2012. Your boys are too cute

    Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like you had a great 2011.
    I got my canon dslr in July & I agree my pictures have never looked better.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Allie- I am so very happy that I was able to meet you and your family in 2011. I love reading about all of your adventures. We will def need to get together in 2012.

  4. I love your year in review. Dewey loved the peanut butter fudge, said it tastes just like what his mom used to make. Thanks for the recipe.

    Love to all.

  5. what a year you have had! thoughts on invisalign now? i wanted to ask my dentist about it next week when i go... i had braces back in the day, so my teeth aren't terrible, but they are shifting a lot each year and it kind of drives me crazy!

  6. what a beautiful year you have had!! i cant wait to see what 2012 will look like...pretty amazing i'm sure!

  7. Holy craption! Ya'll are the cutest, as always! You take the best pics of your boys! Xo

  8. I love that your year in review included pictures! What a great year 2011 was for your fam!