Canvas People Review and Free 8x10's for ALL of YOU!

Looking for the perfect personalized gift for that special someone in your family?
AKA The grandparents!:)
As we know I LOVE photos of my little boys
I am so excited to give you all a link to get a FREE 8X10 or 55% off!

I also love CANVAS PRINTS!!:) They make my heart skip a beat! 
They make the pictures on your wall pop!

I was so excited to receive an 11x13 from Canvas People!
(I had already ordered an 8x10 months before and LOVED it)

Looks great on the mantle for Christmas!:)
What I loved was how easy it was to make...
I just uploaded a picture in like 5 seconds and clicked a few things and it was DONE!
They also have a very professional look that I love with the photo wrapped around the edge!
They also offer the best prices I have seen and always have great coupons to save even more...

Today they gave me a special coupon for all of you!!!

You get a FREE 8X10 or 55% off your order, just pay shipping!:)
Just click the link the it will make your 8x10 free in your cart!
(That is a $50 value)
Shipping on the 8x10 is only 14.99!
Just think if you would pay full price it would be 64.99....screw that!
The deal reloads everyday, so if you want more just check back and click the link again and
it will give you it free!
This mama is all about deals! 
WHAT A GREAT PRICE for a Professional Canvas Print!

Sign up all your family members and rock out this deal!
My parents are doing a wall of black and white photos so this really helps them to build
their collection for cheap!

*If you want black & white, you can use picnik to edit your picture first, if not Canvas People charge 9.99*
So save yourself 10 bucks and edit your pic first!:)

To get guaranteed shipping by Christmas...ORDER TODAY! 

ENJOY! I know I did and will be enjoying more canvas prints for cheap!!:) 


  1. Wow! This is an awesome deal. Thanks Allie! I LOVE canvas People too, I ordered a huge print for Greg on Father's Day, & it turned out great!

    Your mantle is perfection, & I herat that sweet pic of your SWEET fam sooooo much! XO

  2. Thanks A! I plan on ordering one for a Christmas gift!

  3. So excited! They offered this about a month ago, and I missed it. But, thanks to YOU, I get it! I just ordered! Thank you!!!!

  4. Ive done a few of those and loved them too! For Christmas this year the girls did a canvas for each of the grandparents with a picture of all 3 girls holding a sign...I Love You!

  5. thanks for posting this!! i will def be ordering tonight! =)

  6. Can I just say Awesome deal!! Thanks for sharing this:)