Christmas #1...

We made it through Christmas #1 this past weekend....
I think I ate an entire pound of my fudge....
We took a tray and then had left overs and they sat in the car overnight...
Well I had to run to the store...and ate the rest that were sitting in the car...
I like to use pregnancy as an excuse but you can call me fat if you want!!:) 

Anyways here are the pics...I am too tired to type a lot tonight, 
We had our Playgroup party at my house tonight and I am BEAT!!!
I cannot wait to share the pics with you guys...
Santa made a visit...
PS Santa is in bed with me now....

I totally made the nice list!!!:)

For now here are Christmas #1 pics....

Probably Jordan's favorite gift ever...
besides the gift of being my husband daily!:)

This toybox was Jordan's Great Grandpas, his Grandma refinished it for the boys!:)
There ya have it...
I kinda have been slacking at taking pics lately...I have missed a lot of moments...
I will try to crank it up over the next 3 Christmases we have in the coming weeks!!!

Tomorrow we are off to this little town they turn into Christmas Wonderland for a quick getaway...
I hope you are all having a good week!!


  1. love all the pics! you guys are SO adorable. sad there is not a pic of you and baby in there!!!

    my little men look handsome though, thats for sure!

  2. Looks like Christmas #1 was lots of fun. Love the toys box. Your boys are such cuties

  3. "I like to use pregnancy as an excuse but you can call me fat if you want."

    "Santa is in because with me now"

    Bahaha!!! That's why I love you!!!

    Can your boys be any cuter??!?

  4. Love that close up of Luke's eyes... oh, those lashes are gorgeous!

  5. Ahhhh... your boys are the cutest little dudes. I am so excited to see ADORABLE lil Jude! These are the best Allie, & that toy box is so dang cool! How special too!

    I just left ya a FB mess. I am in shock I won something, & to win All Stuft Up.... I can hardly handle it! Thanks again mama.

  6. super cute!! me if you can! I am like SO sorry! I feel embarassed but Id rather email than leave in a comment! <3

  7. Y'all have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it.

    That toybox is awesome!

  8. Luke is starting to look more and more like Vincent as he gets older :D
    You guys make some cute boys, can't wait to see pictures of Jude!

  9. Saying that your boys are cute is a huge understatement!! I always love the pics of them!

  10. I won't call you fat but I will say DAMN YOU! Haha. I'm definitely jealous of your fudge eating. Great pics! The new-to-you toy box is lovely :)