Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Kids Bash...

Last night we hosted a Christmas Party for all my friends and their kids...
mostly the moms I have met through Meetup this past year!
All the kids had such a great time....

We decorated cookies and cupcakes...
Made Magical Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve...
I pretty much just cleaned out the pantry haha
Those reindeer will eat anything!:)
We ate some pizza....
And then....
There was a knock at the front door....
{insert all the kids wetting their pants....haha}

The kids LOVED Santa...
It was so CUTE to listen to what they told him...
I died of laughter with some of the things they came up with!!!
Luke was very unsure...
And then Santa talked in his real voice...
Santa also brought one of his little helper elves...

Santa had to get back to the North Pole to finish up some last minute things!
It was so much fun!!!
My husband was the funniest Santa ever! 
I love him so much for doing it!!!

I am so grateful to have met such awesome friends for myself...
And the boys, through meetup!!
I do not think I would be sane without them!! haha

In the future I am doing a post on Meetup and how to meet local moms!:)

Hope you enjoyed our party!!:) xoxo


  1. The details of the party are perfect. You did such a great job hosting. I know my nephew would have died over a party like this. And how cute of the hubs to be Santa?? Men with their kids is one of the best things to watch. LOVE!

  2. Did your kids figure out who Santa was? Love the party and love meetup! :)

  3. What a great idea!! You're a wonderful hostess!

    Also...where did you get that cool shelf/pin board/rack thing?! It's awesome!

  4. Allie you are the sweetest mommy. This party was so perfect! Girl, you should get paid big buckeroos for this, you could so be one of those fancy schmancy party planners! Hahaaa... I thought Santa looked familiar!

    LOVED the Luke checkn out Santa shot! I just want to squeeze the cheeks!

  5. The pictures are adorable but do not do the party justice, it was amazing! Allie, we could tell time and effort went into this party right down to every detail, including the cute little cups, (which my daughter took to school to show all her friends), the reindeer food jar tags, goody bags from Santa, and much more. Thank you for throwing an awesome party. Also, you are a saint for having so many babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in your home. Merry Christmas

  6. OMG Allie, that is so so cute! What an awesome party! All the little details are amazing! I will have to remember this idea for when Ellie gets a little bit older!
    ♥ Kyna

  7. Love the pics. I thought Santa looked awfully familiar. The elf looks like someone I know as well. Love Luke's face while Santa is holding him. You could tell he thought he knew it was, but was just not sure.

    Love to all.

  8. I'm looking forward to your future post on how to meet other mommys. Your husband is such a good sport!


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