Friday Randoms...

Happy Friday loves...
Time for some Friday Randoms...

Sweets and Treats.... 
Let it be known (if it wasn't already) 
that I LOVE sweets and baking and everything that comes along with it! 
EXCEPT the fact that I failed my 1 hour glucose test!
UGH...I am so healthy with everything BUT sweets...
I mean it's not good...
therefore I am actually going to cut back!

I failed my 1 hour with Luke and passed the 3 hour fine 
so I am hoping to do the same again (eeeeeek!)
But I guess watching what goes in my mouth will not hurt for the next 14 weeks!:)
I was shocked though because I have not gained NEARLY as much as last pregnancy. 
I will gain probably maybe HALF of what I gained with Vincent....I gained 70....
Yes S-E-V-E-N-T-Y!:) I took that whole "eating for two" seriously!:)
So 35 will be much more manageable and I am on track to gain that or less than that now! 

Anyways we baked some cookies today haha 
I did not know until later in the day that I failed...
and who am I to let Vincents hopes be shattered!?!? 
We made Peanut Butter Oatmeal M&M cookies...I ate ONE:) 
They were good!
We had fun making them...
and yes Luke is eating the batter...
(insert some jaw drops)

25/26 WEEKS...& an unplanned ultrasound...
I am getting there ladies!
I am in shock that in 3 months he will be here!
I had my appt at Monday and did the glucose test, which obviously I failed
Anyways she was going through my chart and said "Oh yes your ultrasound!"
I said yes, everything was fine and you told me I did not need another
To which she responds "No you need another, we got your results 3 weeks ago!"
SAY WHAT!?!?!?!
Okay I was told everything was fine?!
"There is fluid in the baby's kidneys so they want to rescan"
(insert panic attack)
"It's very common in boys and is usually just urine back up"
I just nodded by head...
I was IRATE that I had NOT been notified, my ultrasound was OCT 21ST!!! 
And I just now FOUND OUT!!!
Anyways I have to schedule another ultrasound but I am waiting to get the glucose tests over with.
Say a prayer!:) 
I am sure everything is fine...but I just want to hear the good news...
PS DO NOT GOOGLE IT...I am very upset that I did....because of course the worst case scenario is there!

Over Shoes anyone??
Leave it to my husband to get something random for his feet
As if people do not stare enough at his bare feet and Five Fingers...
These bad boys clearly go over your shoes...
I laughed at first...
He is totally a ninja in them...
Then I tried them on for good measure...
They rocked haha They were so toasty...
I then let him know it was a good purchase and idea! 
I said I would rock some...but they only come in lame colors....
Hey Over Shoe makers...get some PINK ones asap!

My children are NUTS (and super cute!)...
Vincent piles fruit into anything shoe boxes...
(that is V's "smile" face...hahahha)
and little Luke wants to be just like Vincent and stand on chairs at the counter...
I mean this kid is NON-STOP!
From the second Luke wakes up he is CRAZY!!

I totally needed some sparkle in my life...or shall I say on my body!
Jordan passed out early tonight so I painted my toes!
Does anyone else sit in their sink to do this?
I seriously sit on our bathroom counter for EVERYTHING...plucking eyes, picking at my name it!

That is all I am working with!!!
Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Oh, sitting on the sink is my favorite. This is going to sound strange but for some reason it makes me feel younger! Love the sparkly red and I don't usually go for sparkles! I might have to get some of that polish!

  2. I totally let my boys eat the raw batter as well. Never killed me :)
    Looking great! Good luck with the next ultrasound.

  3. I canNOT believe we will be meeting our babies in 15-16 weeks. The first 24-25 have FLOWN by for me. I just know the last are going to go just as fast, if not faster!

    I am praying for little Jude! Everything will be JUST fine, I know it!!

    Sophie loves to stand on everything..especially the couch. She like RUNS across the couch and gives me a heart attack every time haha. No sense of danger at all at this age!

  4. I gained 50 pounds the first time around and I vowed this time NOT to gain that much. I had an appointment last week and I'm 2 pounds heavier this time than I was last time at 16 weeks....and I started 10 pounds lighter!!!! I couldn't believe it.

    I'm just like you. I eat really healthy but I eat way too many sweets.

    I've decided to limit my carbs to around 100 Net grams for the next few weeks. I'm on day 5 and it sucks, but I do feel better.

    I thought for sure I would have failed my glucose test last time but didn't and I'm hoping if I limit my carbs I wont this time and maybe my weight gain will even out. I'm 16 weeks and up almost 20 pounds! That is ridiculous! Oh and I workout 4-5 times a week.

  5. Aww, I had gestational diabetes and I DON'T even have a sweet tooth (although all your baked goods look pretty tempting!) I don't think you have anything to worry about. Eat up and take advantage while ya can! I can't say I blame you for being livid about them not calling you with your ultrasound results. That is completely unacceptable. I have already said a prayer for you but I will continue to pray for you. I am sure everything will be just're can be your worst enemy. I googled "complications of gestational diabetes" and scared myself half to death during both of my pregnancies. But both of my children were born healthy as a horse and still are to this day. We are blessed.

  6. Hey mama!

    SO When I was pregnant with Sadie, they found the same thing, fluid in her kidneys. I had NO clue what he was talking about and all what it meant, heck I still dont, but she is doing fine now. THey kept rechecking usually it goes away after birth but Sadie's had not. her levels went down but still there and she is 14 months. I am not too too worried about it , yet. But I dont like that its there either. Its called hydronophroesis (spel?) But dont panic, all should we well.

    Ps. very cute bump picture! love the toes as well! and those cookies look YUMMY-LICIOUS!

  7. your cookies look yummy and I let Kaylee eat the batter...

    your boys are so cute! Loving your baby bump picture, so cute! I need to paint my nails festive for Christmas time

    Have a great weekend =)

  8. I sit on the bathroom counter for everything too! haha

    You are so cute pregnant!!! :)

    And..and...I failed my 1 hour too, but passed my 3 hour!

    I LOVE SWEETS & I let Rylee eat some batter too ;)

  9. Pretty toes!! Luke is just like Uncle T. J. Oh, no! Who will Jude be like?