{Lots} of Monday Randoms....

Hey guys! I am almost done with the giveaways...
I have 3 more left this week and I will be ending with my fave etsy shop EVER....
Be sure to enter because lots of them have low entries which means LOTS of chances to win!
Winners are announced on my facebook page and on the right sidebar!:)

1}I am being featured over on Kyna's blog: Great Expectations, she is such a doll! Stop over and check out my recipe for Eggplant Pizza...it is VERY tasty and easy! 

2} After the whole J&J baby shampoo drama...
 I decided to make the switch to organics or all naturals for the entire family in the bathing department! 
I got the boys Nature's Baby Organics...its like $10 for a bottle at local stores
 but my lovely Amazon Subscribe and Save snagged me two bottles for around 10 bucks!:)
It smells like a orange creamsicle pop! HOLY HEAVENS!!
I decided on Burt's Bees products for Jordan and I!
 In stores they were $8-9 per bottle, 
 I got them once again on Amazon for like 6 and some change each....
I was super pumped with my savings...
This week at Kroger they clearanced them out at 3.99!
So you better believe I stocked up even more!
If you have a Krogers, check the Organic section where they have the
bath & body stuff and STOCK UP!
The pomegranate and soy is my FAVE!

3} We went to lights at the zoo this weekend...HOLY FREEZING COLD...
It was pretty painful, not even my extra layers of clothing and baby could help! 
This is a pretty funny picture of Vincent...he wanted to ride the carousel again....
Could he have not hugged onto something else!!? :)

4} My cute crocheted headband arrived last week and I love it!!
I saw one similar on Kelle Hampton's blog so but that lady wanted 24 bucks...so I found another shop..
I got mine for 10.50 with shipping! SCORE! 
I got it at Omas Crochet Shop

I love, love, LOVE IT!!

5} I am almost done with all my orders for the Christmas season...Yesterday I busted out my last big order of cookie mix jars!...
Now to just finish about 6 shirts and call it a year!:)

6} I am officially 28 weeks...HOLLER!!
I had my ultrasound on Friday, will not have the results until the OB in my office reads them....
he is slow at it....so I am going to keep calling all week!:) 
I got my glucose results and I passed...YAY! So I can start my week of Christmas baking!:)

7} The cuteness of Lulu with his bear hoodie kills me....
Its so funny to watch him from behind...he's a fat waddling bear! 

8} One of my favorite blogs is about to hit 1000 followers and have a HUGE giveaway!
If you do not follower, please do!!:) She is hilarious and Elli is ADORABLE!

Happy Monday everyone! 
Be sure to check back tonight for another giveaway!!
Off to make Killer Crack Peanut Butter Fudge with Vincent!!
...recipe to come....


  1. About the soap, you should check out my cousin's shop. She home-makes organic soaps, shampoo bars, facial washes, scrubs, the works... And they are YUUUMMMMYYYY. I have a pumpkin spice soap bar that is seriously da bomb. I could lick it.

  2. love the pics and bump! congrats on 28 weeks! ps I am SOOOOOOO sorry your gift is late for the exchange. I feel AWFUL! Please dont hate me! It should be there in a day or two! :( xoxoxox

  3. OMG, the picture of Vincent hugging the carousel animal literally made me laugh out loud! Thanks for posting that on a Monday to bring a smile to my face! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  4. I LOVE that crocheted headband! I will have to check our her shop ASAP!

    And you look great! I love the belted cardi...so cute!

  5. You look awesome! That carousel picture is way too funny... that's definitely one to save!

  6. Yay, so glad you passed your glucose test! I love your 28 week bump picture!
    Oh, and that headband is adorable, I might need one!

  7. That picture of Vincent hugging the carousel is too funny! ...and now I want cookies :)

  8. BURT'S BEES! I swear by it. Except on poor Landon who can only use Dove Unscented Hypoallergenic because of his eczema. I'm so glad you passed the second glucose test!