Show Me Christmas...MY LIST!:)

I figured I would join in with my Christmas List!
I do not limit my list to just's more of a year round list! haha
Jordan and I typically buy a lot throughout the year so I am not expecting a present! 
He makes everyday Christmas around here!:) 
Love you babe!

Here is my "wish" list:
some are a little far fetched for a Christmas gift! haha

A turning waffle maker...
LOVE LOVE LOVE waffles, as do my little monsters!
9826199 Angle
Hunter Wellies
Black or Gray
Audi Q7- my biggest wish clearly...
haha we are deciding on our next SUV since we outgrew our Equinox FAST! But I love the Q7
It makes my heart skip a beat when I see one!
and I just found out the Land Rover LR3 has 7 seats....SWOON! 
2009 Land Rover LR3 V8 SUV
Having a growing family comes with LOTS of advantages...aka BIG SEXY SUVS! 

Classic Cardy Uggs- would be cute with leggings! 
Classic Cardy

Micheal Kors Watch
Let's just say my Invicta watch was NOT all it was cracked out to be! :(

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy- best perfume EVER!
Well sorry my list is so short, that is all I am working with! 
I will cross my fingers and see what he brings! haha

I have a feeling that pretty SUV will be on back order until we sell our old house this spring! 
We are totally going to take a HUGE hit! EEEEEEEEK!
I guess if Santa could make the selling process easy that would be nice! 

Link up over at Becky's Blog! 


  1. Love that perfume, I use it a few times a week! :)

  2. I like your list :) I have an LR3 and LOVE IT! You would much space :)

  3. Good luck with selling the house.
    I love perfume at Christmas and candy :)

  4. Ohh, those are fancy cars ! We don't do a huge Christmas either since we buy year round for each and ourselves. We figured we could use the holidays to NOT buy for ourselves for a change ;)

  5. Love the cardi boots. I adore my Michael Kors watch and get so many compliments when I wear it! You definitely need one! And I'm totally a Juicy girl too. My everyday perfumes are the original Juicy and Peace, Love & Juicy. :-)

  6. Love the perfume, and the cars too :) You have an equinox right now? How do you like it? Im looking at those or the kia sorrento :)

  7. Just posted my list too! I love the LR3 BTW nice! and that watch is to die for!

  8. I've always wanted a Land Rover. Loving the ugg boots!

  9. I love the Q7, I wasthis close to getting one earlier this year but ended up getting a tahoe. And I love those waffle makers, I want one too!! And the Uggs look so comfy... basically I love everything on your list!

  10. I love MK watches for men and women. So fantastic!

  11. i need a waffle maker too girl! and i agree... we buy stuff all year round... but also when i buy stuff for people for xmas... i end up buying stuff for myself too... and then marking it "From hubs"


  12. Great list!! Love the boots!!

    Stacy @

  13. You have connections to Land Rover, Uncle David is the CFO of Jaguar/Land Rover. Call him. Maybe he will buy one for you, ha! ha! I love the wellies, I am thinking about getting a pair. Cardies are cute, as well.

    Love to all.

  14. love your list!! its like dream list for me. you have expensive taste! nothing wrong with that when you are a high roller ;) hope santa brings you everything on your list!!! :)

  15. You're the 2nd person to have Hunter Wellies on your list. I'd never even heard of them but now I'm obsessed! I NEED a pair!

  16. I sooo want to do this!!! I love love Looooove waffles!! And I really want Hunter wellies but there are too many color choices haha!! Another good reason to have lots of babies!! ( I love you for that!) I love the Q7 but I'd take and S4 for the time being ;)

    Hope all your wishes come true!!

  17. visiting from the link up. i would love either of those cars!

    and the ugg boots are just like ones i want! :) cute all the way up or rolled down.

    kristin :)

  18. OMG I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I have a 6.5 mo old and I'm 13wks with #2... I might be hitting you up for advice! :)

  19. love your list! i also have a MK watch on my list. and lovee a land rover. i hope one is in your near future ;)

  20. Great Christmas list. If you check out thrift stores you can find waffle makers a lot for way cheaper. Loving the SUV's, I hope that I always have mine or just buy bigger.

    Viva la Juicy smells great and lasts forever!

    Great picks!