Moms Night Out!

Tuesday night we got a table for our playgroup moms
 for the local family shelter's Christmas Event! 
They raised over $10,000 that night!!!
Each table got to decorate their own table, it was really cool to see off of the different tables!

It was a pot luck so everyone brought their favorite dish....the desserts were AMAZING! 
That is really all that I ate....I get a little creeped out eating meats from strangers
 so I will stick with the bad stuff....the sweets!!:) 

They had a great silent auction where I went bid a few times on a cute gold coach purse....
It was kind of similar to this one....but the highest I would go is 150 and I got dominated by an old lady!! 
Plus my friend told me she saw the same one at the outlet for under 100! 

I had a very fun night!

 Jude said he enjoyed the sweets!:)
PS...I have been so busy with all these giveaways that I have not done any updates really on Jude!
I had my 3 hour glucose test on Friday...
I will know Monday if I passed...I really hope I did...
I just have a bad obsession with sweets!! eeeek!
I failed my 1 hour with Luke too but this new office is REALLY ANAL on it!:(
So cross your fingers!! 
I have 3 more giveaways then I am back to NORMAL blogging!! :)
My last giveaway is THE BEST!!!:) 
I hope you all have an amazing weekend....
We are taking the boys to the Lights at the Zoo!
I have 3 thermoses ready for Hot Cocoa...
I told Jordan I want to wear my onesie PJs so I am toasty...but I do not want all the stares!:) 
(PS I think I messaged you all back but if not...they are from Target little girls section only $10!)

I just posted a coupon code for EVERYONE for a FREE 8X10 Canvas Print ($50 value)



  1. we are going to the toledo zoo light next weekend!

  2. "And I got dominated by an old lady" Bahaha!! Such a cute bag though!!

    We're the same I always skip most of the foods and eat the desserts because they're "safe"

    You look soo cute!!

    Have fun at the zoo!!

  3. This looks like a blast! And perfect to get into the Christmas spirit. I'm going to have to look for something around here like that next year.

    You are gorgeous as always!

  4. Allie, you looked Sooooo dang pretty mama! LOVED the adorable sweater & your hair curly... so so cute. What a great night, & raising all that $ is wonderful!

    How fab have all your giveaways been!
    I am sooo winning one of them. Jk lol)

    Have a great weekend! XOXO

  5. haha sorry the old lady beat your bid. love the tabor decor... and your outfit is too cute. love your baby belly.

  6. That is really neat how you got to decorate your own tables. Looks like it was a good night (despite losing the purse to the old gal). Good luck on your results. I'm sure you're fine but if for any reason you do have gestational diabetes, fear not. I had it in both pregnancies. Very easy to manage, it just kind of sucks not being able to indulge in all of the sweets. Both my kids were perfectly fine too, just a tad big.

  7. Momma free nights are the best! You looked rockin' too, so fabulous & adorable.

  8. You are so pretty! Pregnancy looks good on you!