This makes me giggle...

Sorry I have been MIA lately...I have been busy with the holidays!
 We attended the 1st of the 4 family Christmases this weekend!
 It was fun...I have still yet to even upload the pics! WHEW!

Today we are having my friends and all the kiddos over for a Christmas party..
 complete with cookie decorating and a visit from Santa (aka Jordan)

In the meantime I thought I would share this video with you all....

I no joke say almost ALL the things they reference in this video!!! 



  1. They have a volume 2 out now! Oh my gosh the 2nd one is even funnier. How true it is! Brice and I died laughing watching these.

  2. hahahahah omg this is soooooo HILARIOUS and so true. I'm posting this to FACEBOOK NOW! hahaha i love!!