30/31 weeks...

Can I get a HIGH FIVE!??!?!
I had to bust out a cheerleading facial expression for you:)
I must first start this off with apologizing...
I have totally been robbing you all of my pregnancy updates this time around! 
Mainly because I do not have a lot to say! Which is a good thing...
{and I am lazy or busy with 2 little guys haha}
But I am sorry for being a bad bloggy friend! 
I figured I would fill out this pregnancy questionnaire for these last 8-9 weeks 
{ps I totally want to have Jude on Feb 29th...leap year baby}
So pray I go into labor at 38 weeks! haha
Alright here we go! 
Hey little Jude!!:)
How far along are you? 
30w5d, I am measuring a week ahead though!
{as if that really matters}

Total weight gain: 
up 20 lbs...
I am SHOCKED that it is not double that because with Vincent and Luke I gained 55-70! 
I am hoping to keep it under 30 now...
which is completely doable now that my holiday goodies have left the house!:)
 I am very excited to see how quick I can get the weight off in comparison
 with how long it took with the boys (4-6mo)

How big is baby?:  
He is about 16 inches long and 3-3.5 lbs!! :) 
{nuts because both boys were 19 inches at birth....eeeeeek we're so close}

Maternity clothes: 
 Hell to the NO. 
I refuse to ever wear those again. 
I have been doing all leggings and some stretchy jeans (thank you f21) and 
then just wearing looser shirts. 
I just despise all my maternity clothes and with gaining less I can thankfully get away with it...praying it stays this way for 8-9 more weeks! haha

Stretch marks?:  
Thankfully no...
 I think all the damage was done from my 70lb gain with Vincent haha! 

Do mom's ever sleep??? lol 
It has been hit or miss. 
I have to pee constantly and it is very hard to fall back asleep. 
Also I am such a light sleeper that I get woken up a lot by Verner walking around downstairs...when he plops down to lay he is so LOUD! 

Best moment this week?:
  All the movement, I love feeling every kick!
and having a good cry fest to Jordan {more on that later}
I haven't cried this entire pregnancy so it was nice to cry it out :)
Thanks babe!

TONS...and when he doesn't move I of course get nervous! 
But all is well so far!

Food cravings?:
  Bacon, lol but when do I not crave bacon.
 I also downed so much fudge over the holidays
 that I will probably never crave it again!:( 
OH Also pistachios, I downed a whole bag in 2 days...it is dangerous
 to get them unshelled...so much easier to swallow them by the handful!

Food aversions?:
 Ever since we cut out a lot of carbs I cannot stand them, 
last pregnancy I could no joke down an entire package 
of EL Fudge men and Cheez-its but now I cant even bring myself to buy them! 
This baby must be primal already....geesh! 

Labor signs?: 
NONE thank God!
 I am sure I will have a different answer in the coming weeks but for now none. 
Jordan goes to Switzerland this month so I want the baby to at least 
wait until he is home safe and sound...
he's my coach and can't miss the birth!!! LOL

Belly button in or out?: 
Very shallow but still in, I have never had it officially pop, kinda shocking!

What I miss: 

Being able to lay on my belly, and this week especially after Vincent's meltdown
I would like not one glass....but many!:) 

What I'm looking forward to: 
Seeing Jude's face! I cannot wait to see if he will take after Vincent or Luke!
I am also looking forward to that moment after birth
when Jordan and I kiss {and I sob} and marvel over our new babe....
It makes me tear up just thinking about it! 

What I'm not looking forward to: 
DELIVERY...I get major anxiety over the entire situation
even though it's my third time in the rodeo it is still just as scary as the first. 
I am just praying everything goes perfectly!

I think the last milestone was viability!! 
Which is my fave milestone of them all.
 I love having a tiny bit of comfort knowing that if, for some reason he comes early, 
he has a good shot at making it perfectly!

Other stuff:
Jude had some fluid in his kidneys at his 20 wk ultrasound.
We rescanned at 28 wks and they were almost empty {good sign}
I was VERY sad because he REFUSED to show his face...
{he of course showed his penis numerous times...thanks dude} 
but he had his knees up to his nose and his arms crossed over his face...
I could not believe it! 
One more thing...
I am super annoyed with this horrible pain I have under my left armpit, 
I of course fear the worse case and think breast cancer, 
{which is very hard to feel for with pregnancy breasts} 
but they felt around and felt nothing but I have a constant
heaviness and pain under my left arm.
It feels irritated all the time...
(since about 20 wks)
They keep dismissing it as pregnancy stuff but if it keeps up
as strong as it is through the next appt I am going to push for an u/s.
I had a complete meltdown to Jordan the other night because it 
TERRIFIES me to death that if something is wrong they will just keep blaming it 
on pregnancy, and then breastfeeding...
HELLO I am not ready to leave this amazing life and family...
not now....not ever...
I am sure I am fine but I guess I just want a clear answer 
because it has never happened with V&L's pregnancies...
So say a prayer that it is just normal and goes away!:)

That is about it for this week!!!:)
I am loving following so many of your pregnancies right now, 
I am so excited for ALL of you and am very blessed to have you along with me
on this amazing journey!!!


  1. You're little! And adorable, can't wait for the little guy's arrival!

  2. love all the pictures.yay for gaining only 20 pounds, you look freaking fabulous.

    and i am so sorry about this pain you are having. and having no answers is no nerve racking and frustrating, and completely understand how it can be scary.

    i hope everything is okay and they can confirm this soon to you so you can get plenty of rest and not worry!!

  3. You look great! I might steal this for my next post :)
    I will be praying for your pain! I am sure you are healthy and fine my dear! But definitely persist and get it checked out!

    Yay for us having babies in the next 8-10 weeks!!

  4. You look adorable pregnant!!!! Well and of course when you are not pregnant either :) I am going to say that the pain is pregnancy related just for relief sake, but I would be a basket case too!

  5. AWWW You look amazing! SERIOUSLY! and I love that moment between mommy and daddy right after the babe arrives...best feeling ever!

    Crazy how the weight gains also vary from kid to kid.....with my daughter i gaines 65 lbs :::gasp::: and she was 6 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches......with my son i only gained 35 lbs and he was 7 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches so way bigger than my daughter!

  6. cutest.preggo.ever.

    Seriously. :)

    I'll come have some (or many) glasses of wine with you here in less than 2 months! ha :)

  7. I admire you so much Allie! I think all I did during pregnancy is complain and here you are on your third pregnancy, with two babies the exact same age as mine, embracing it like it's your first. You look beautiful. I said a prayer for you about the pain you've been experiencing, although I'm sure you're just fine!

  8. um im as big as you now. re-donk. you look fab!

  9. You look so amazing! Cant wait to see the little babe. :)

  10. Your belly is so cute and little! Yay for the low weight gain! I can't believe I gained less weight with the twins (10 lbs) then I did with my singleton (19 lbs) and with the twins I delivered 10.10 lbs of baby and that is not including their placenta's and waters. It's crazy!

    Then again it's not so crazy when I think about how much I threw up each pregnancy lol.

    I can't believe you're 30 weeks!! Seriously I swear you just announced yesterday!

  11. You are so dang cute Allie! I just love your lil belly and all the wonderful things you are going through with Jude. I am sure you are fine when it comes to your breasts (TMI, sorry) but truth be told when people do get cancer they don't usually feel pain, that is why a lot of people don't even know until it's too late (just a lil advice so hopefully it can give you some peace of mind). Can't wait to see lil Jude's face too :D

  12. Your belly is so cute. I'm one week post partum and I think my belly is the same size as yours haha. I can't wait to see pics of your new little guy.

  13. Oh Allie girl... still the cutest preggy chickie dooo EVER! you are so tiny, & cute. It kinda makes me mad at ya, but your too cute!

    Praying that everything is A-okay, IT WILL BE! God Bless you sweetie.

  14. What a tiny tiny belly! And no stretch marks?! I might hate you a little bit now ;)

    Can't wait to see pics of your new lil' one!!


  15. You look SO CUTE!

    Did you make up the survey/questions?! I totally want to steal it from you because it's so fun! I'll give you credit, though. ;-)

  16. I can't believe I'll be doing these soon! I can say that on here without outing myself yet, hehehe. Ah, the glory of blogger friends!

  17. you're actually pretty small!
    Can you believe that I was that far along when I had Jonas... scary!
    I pray you go all the way (sorry... not to 38). Bake em, Mama! He'll be strong and chubby and yummy... like your other boys!

  18. I love this post! You look amazing and SO tiny for 30 weeks...especially for your 3rd babe! I can't believe it!

    I posted a "bump" pic today, too!

    Glad everything is going great with your pregnancy, you deserve it!