33 weeks!

Alright guys we are getting even CLOSER to baby Jude's arrival
I am still praying he comes a little early on Feb 29th!:)
So cross your fingers!:)
Now onto the survey!:)

How far along are you? 
32w5d, I am measuring a week ahead though!

Total weight gain: 
up 24 lbs...
I have been craving ice cream a lot since my last update!:) 
My BUTT is starting to look like a Kardashian which is NOT OKAY!

How big is baby?:  
He is a little over 4 lbs and around 17 inches! 

Maternity clothes: 
 Still a big negative!
Tights are my best friend and loose shirts! I am sure it may not be too hot but whatever!:) 

Stretch marks?:  
None that I can see...
I do not think I can get anymore than I did from Vincent's pregnancy
I no joke have them between my thighs from his! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN...
O yeah it happens when you pile on 70lbs....

Still hit or miss.
 Thankfully now I am done stressing over buying cars 
Now all that I have to worry about is when he will arrive!:)

Best moment this week?:
 Today, Vincent was cuddled up on me....
He was holding my belly and Jude was kicking!:)
He loves his little baby brother already!:)
Lots and LOTS!
He totally enjoys my ice cream cravings! 

Food cravings?:
 I already said it but ice cream...
I may or may not have finished a whole container of Cheer Cordial in a few days!:)
I also may or may not have had it for breakfast those days!:)
I told you I have been BAD! 

Food aversions?:
Still not feeling the carbs...
I can handle some of them but only in small amounts!

Labor signs?: 
Nada...I am really not expecting them til 39ish weeks
Vincent was a week over and Luke was a week early
But like I said I will take him a little early for a leap year babe!:)

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in!

What I miss: 

My body haha....I looked down at my legs today and I do not rock an extra 24lbs well...

My face is starting to get way too chubby...
I am just excited to get my body back...
Plus its a PAIN to climb the stairs holding one of the boys...

Its so much weight! WHEW!

What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting Jude...
And I said it last time, but just sharing the experience 
with Jordan and us soaking all of Jude in for the first time!:)
I am also looking forward to the snuggles with Jude!

What I'm not looking forward to: 
I will have the same answer every week...
I will devote a post to this!
I have done it twice naturally, it just scares me each time!

I am not sure...I think he is just packing on the pounds these last weeks!:)
Vincent was 8 lb .5oz
Luke was 7 lb 11oz
I keep telling Jordan I would love him to be a healthy 5-6 lbs hahah
I might be a TAD less painful...
VERY Doubtful but wishful thinking...

I am very excited to be nearing the end of the road. I am going to try to suck in these last few weeks with our family of 4! I am still shocked that we will be a family of 5!!! 
I do not know what the future holds for our family but all I can say is we are VERY blessed! 
I cannot wait to watch these 3 boys grow up together. 
Vincent and Luke are already best buds, so seeing the 3 of them will be amazing!
I know I will be exhausted with the switch from 2-3 kids but 
I know it's all worth it! Plus Jordan is the best daddy ever so I will have a lot of help!:)

That is all for this week!:) 
I have an appt next week. Then I will be in almost weekly!


  1. You look amazing and the shot of Vincent on your belly is precious!

  2. look at you hott stuff!! i love that dress! you are lookin fab.

    cant wait for JUDE!!

  3. Oh my gosh! You are so freaking cute pregnant! S was only a four and a half pound baby and I still think I may have gotten a little bigger than you!

  4. You are an adorable little preggers! It's such an exciting time! I'm so with you on the ice cream. It's my favorite craving, pregnant or not! Ice cream just makes everything better.

  5. You look fabulous! I had a Kardashian butt too when I was pregnant lol. And you just eat that ice cream for breakfast girl, pregnancy is only an excuse for so long!! :)

  6. you make me sick!!!!! haha You are SOOOOO adorable!!!!

    hey and question for you... how did you make those social media icons on your sidebar?? Ive been trying to figure it out!! :)

    1. Thanks my love!!! OMG I will email you...if I can explain it over email...I am so bad at that stuff so it took me forever to figure it out!! Maybe I can do them for you!??! Let me know!

  7. First of all, shut (up) the front door! Your beautiful lil face does not look the least bit "chubby!" You are so darn tiny & cute my dear! I can't believe there is goin to be a lil Jude here so soon! I am over the moon happy for you & your LOVELY little family! Hahaa... not so lil anymore... family of 5!!

    The pics of V on your belly made me melt. He is such a good boy! LOVE those boys. Jude is one lucky little man! Sending you big hugs mama.......! Xo

  8. ahh Allie you look sooo amazing!
    and those pictures of Vincent cuddling your belly? I die! soo cute!

  9. You look fantastic! And as for your 70lb weight gain in Vincent's pregnancy...I don't think that really matters when it comes to stretch marks! I only gained 25lbs for my first and I'm just as covered in them!

  10. you look gorgeous! makes me miss being pregnant!

  11. you seriously look great!! i can't wait to see pics of him!!

  12. You look adorable! How nice that your only aversion is CARBS! That's perfect. I hated healthy foods like chicken:(

  13. Love the outfit...where do you get such sweater dresses?

    1. Thanks hun!!! I got this one at Banana Republic outlet!! They always have great dresses!

  14. You are beautiful! Pregnancy is definitely a good look on you! I wouldn't be so quick to wish a Feb 29th birthday on your son. People who have a Feb 29th birthday often have to list their birthday as the 28th or 1st on legal documents because computers don't recognize the 29th as a date. They can't get a drivers license or fly on a plane with the date listed as February 29th. They had an article out about it awhile ago on Yahoo.

    1. Oh my gosh Amy I never knew that but it makes PERFECT sense. BOO! I guess I can stop thinking that day is super cool lol!

    2. My step-brother is a leap year baby (will be 44 this year.) I'll have to ask but I don't ever remember him having any troubles. Hmmm....now I'm curious...

  15. You look great! You look like you're all belly! I really need to start your healthy diet so I can keep my weight in check. I'm up almost 30 pounds and I'm only 22 weeks! I can't believe you gained 70 pounds...kinda want to see a picture of that, you're so small, where did you put 70 pounds last time? You must have lost it quickly??

    1. OH MY GOSH Traci, I just looked in to some pictures from my last 2 pregnancies...I will show them here soon...they terrify me...my face was huge!!!! It thankfully did come off pretty quick, I think a lot was water near the end, I was so insanely swollen!! I couldn't even wear my ring with my first pregnancy! I am really shocked with my lower gain this time, but happy!! PS you look amazing missy, I would never guess you were up 30!

  16. I was hoping for a leap year baby too! Well, I was until reading Amy's comment from above. As awesome of a birthday as it would be, I'd hate for my daughter or your son to be limited because of it.

    But Feb 29 is still pretty awesome.... ;)

  17. Too cute! I love prego tummies. I can't wait to see Jude, he's gonna be so cute!

  18. You're adorable! I only drop in from time to time so I'm so happy for you and so glad everything is going well. I developed a theory (from 7 years working at an obgyn) that the larger babies actually seem to make for easier deliveries. It seems like the "Big'uns" have all the weight and strength to just come flying right out while the little bits kind of hang in there for eternity. I remember a mom telling me, "Don't let anyone tell you the little ones are any easier! My 9 pounder was WAY easier than my 5 pounder!" My son ended up being 3.5 weeks early, 6 lbs 4 oz and WOULD. NOT. BUDGE! Hopefully we'll be planning #2 by the end of the year and I'll have something to compare it to. Best of luck to you! Are you still with the same midwife practice? I was a patient there before I moved to Springfield.