The "Diet" Post....Take 1

My husband is super genius when it comes to eating healthy...
He no joke has spread sheets of nutritional info on things that he eats...
He does not follow one paticular "diet" but its kind of a mix between
The Primal Blueprint and The 80/10/10 fads...
He has tried them out both to their full potential and found problems with each...
So he has just done his own thing and gotten the best results...
Now I can share those secrets with you guys!:)

If you are new and have no idea what is going on..
Read here
Basically just by eating healthy my husband went from 184 to 170 in a few months

His way of eating does not contain very many rules or gimmicks...
It does not require a "set" number or meals or calories...
It just requires eating more produce and healthy meats!
Here are some key points to his ways....

1.) Cut out processed foods: 
If foods have a whole bunch of chemical additives, you should not be eating them. 
Check the labels, if you see the last several ingredients are things you have never heard of, 
you probably should not put it in your body. 
I have sadly said goodbye to Cheez-its and pretty much anything not organic or all natural. 
Pirate's Booty now fulfills my snacking needs!:) 

2.) Eat LOTS of Vegetables {particuarally green leafy ones} 
Insert one of your normal meals a day with a BIG salad! {his biggest advice}
Pack your salads full of spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and arugula. 
Also make your salads fun and colorful , add tomatoes, broccoli, onions, celery, peppers. 
Spice them up and make them fun to eat! 

3.) Cut out grains {even whole grains}: 
When it comes down to it, they generally are not good for us. 
They are typically "fortified" with all the minerals vs being a natural source.
They cause unneeded inflammation and also cause a large insulin spike. 
Stick with the real sources of minerals, fresh produce. 
So for dinners find a substitute. 
When we do Chicken Parmesan we do not have noodles and also do not bread the chicken. 
Instead of potatoes have a non starchy veggie. 
Make burgers without the buns. 
Make Chili without the beans. 
We used to do a lot of casseroles and I just switched to stews with fresh veggies.
You will find tons of creative ways to be able to cut them out completely.

4.) Try to stick with Organics and Free Range-
I have done several posts on why we have made the switch 
to Organics, Grass-Fed and Free Range products.
I never knew that cows shouldn't eat corn....
if you want I will add a post on grassfed beef vs cornfed beef. 
The nutritional facts are CRAZY different! 
The quick take home message is that Grass-fed beef is WAY lower in calories, 
contains more healthy omega-3 fats, more vitamins A and E, 
higher levels of antioxidants, and up to seven times the beta-carotene. 
Those quick facts alone are enough to consider a switch. 

5.) Live by the 80/20 Rule: 
The hardest thing with diets is sticking to them 247. 
Jordan suggests eating "perfectly" 80% of the week and 
giving yourself a break the other 20% of the time. 
That was you are not so stressed over what to eat and not getting your favorite bad foods in. 
Jordan loves Dark Chocolate so that is one thing he will allow as his weakness, 
but when he eats amazing all week he does not feel bad about indulging!

Those are pretty much the quick steps to the diet.

Before I got pregnant I tried the diet out, back when Jordan was doing the strict "primal diet". 
Here are some steps I took and my results...
I counted calories on because frankly
I had no idea how many calories or carbs I was taking in.
The primal diet says for weight loss to keep carbs near 100g a day...which is pretty tough! 
It helped me to track the facts and see where I was at during the day.
I averaged about 120g of carbs that week...
I lost 5 lbs just by watching my carb intake...
then that next week I found out I was pregnant haha! 
But anyways for the week I was able to actually "diet", IT WORKED!
Jordan tracked his calories too for months but he stopped once he figured out 
the normal intake that worked for him.
It is not a "must do" for the diet but it helped me to actually see what was going in my body.

We have all your questions answered but I did not want this to be the LONGEST post ever. 
One last thing
What is in our house to eat, you may wonder!?
Jordan makes a HUGE salad at the start of the week, that way he just has to grab a bowl and eat.
I make a giant container of my fresh salsa that we add to salads vs dressing
Jordan's salad includes: Spinach, Arugula, Broccoli, Green Peppers, Celery, Onions and Salsa
My salad includes: Spinach, BACON, Pistachios and Cranberries

Breakfast its usually meat (bacon/sausage) and eggs {salsa also works here!!!!}
Lunch is salads and fruits
Dinner is meat and veggies. 
Snacks are usually fruits/veggies and I allow chips with salsa for myself! 
{I am pregnant do not judge my carbs}
We 99% of the time drink only water which is great for hydration obviously! ha
It is probably the easiest "diet" ever. Just eat fresh produce and meats, get rid of the crap processed stuff!

I must say the stress level for cooking meals has gone WAY down. 
There is barely ANY prep time for me in the kitchen! 
I love it! 

When I grocery shop I literally ONLY shop in the produce section now.
We get our organic grassfed meat from a local farmer{ to find one near you)
It was tough at first to not go down the crackers aisle 
but now if I even walk over there I just think about how processed it is 
and cannot even bring myself to buy it.
{even though I can envision that freaking Cheez-it Snack Mix melting in my mouth}
So other than getting milk and waffles for the boys
It makes my trip quick and easy.

The boys eat exactly what we eat with the exception of salads and the fact that they LOVE waffles, cereal, chicken tenders,and Cheddar Bunnies, but they are kids!:) 

I will have the Questions portion of this tomorrow to fill in any gaps!
If you have any other questions just ask.
I will start adding more of our meals and recipes in the mix.
They are ALL simple and easy!

It is hard to contain all the points in one post...
There will be many more posts on this topic.

The take home message is start by replacing one meal a day with a BIG salad...
Start cutting those carbs...I know it sucks but it's worth it...
Track your weight and see how it goes....
Let me know your thoughts...
Here's to losing weight the natural way!:) 


  1. I'm READY!!! Actually, I've been at it for a few weeks + power yoga, pilates, and some running! Allie, I need to email you my applesauce recipe. SOOOO Easy! I'll get on that first thing tomorrow!

  2. Love the replacing one meal a day w/ a big yummy salad! AND the salsa is such a fab substitute for dressing!

    Thanks for this mama, I REALLY want to start eating much healtheir this year... BUT I REEEEEALY don't want to start! Hahaa.. Xo

    Just got done watching this weeks Bachelore on the DVR! Oh Lordy Allie... here we go again. I really don't think I like Ben AT ALL THOUGH?! Please tell me your watching this season? Miss your Thursday posts!

  3. Have you checked out the book Make it Paleo? It has super yummy recipes! My fav is beef and broccoli!! Yummmm!!!

  4. Oh I love me some carbs. I do notice when I cut them out I crave more fruit...which is still carbs and full or sugar but at least it's not processed.

    How long does it take to get over the carb cravings?

    Do you eat fruit?

  5. Typically the carb craving goes away within a couple weeks, but those couple weeks can be really tough. I use fruit to overcome the carb cravings, and I limit my carb intake to pre-workout times, when I know I'll burn off the glycogen.

  6. What about dairy?

    This is starting to sound attractive to me, but I love my milk, yogurt and cheese...

    And when you have chicken parm, what do you serve it with?

    If you cheat do you get a stomach ache? This wouldn't be a total dealbreaker for me, I'm just wondering.

    Also, on meatless days, do you just eat fish instead? We usually have beans and rice (both out of your eating plan...)

    Sorry for all the questions! I am ready to make a change for my health, but I want to be really informed and ready whenever I make the change!

    Jeanne G.

  7. I just found your blog yesterday and I'm so glad I did! This is PERFECT! My husband and I are trying to do the same thing and have dabbled in the primal thing, but were lacking guidance. I've bookmarked this and will be referring back to it often! I'm excited to hear more of your recipes!

    I see that you do use fruit as your snacks, but do you restrict it to certain fruits? I know some people cut out bananas because they have a high glycemic index. Just wondering if yall do too!

  8. I love this!
    Thank you to you and your hubby!

  9. I'm curios what you do with dairy, and you didn't mention fruit a lot. I realize in Ohio this time of year our fruit selection is kind of small to begin with!

  10. Love to salsa breakfasts too. Also I tried to eat a cupcake the other morning and I couldn't even finish it. Not only had I lost the carb craving but I was beginning to not be able to eat them in typical quantities. Some people who are so toxic on carbs may feel fluish for a week or so when going paleo.

  11. This sounds amazing! Can't wait to start!