Diet Q&A: Take 1....

Your Questions from last week my sexy pals...
I hate even refering to this as a diet first
It's more just revamping your eating habits...
There are no gimmicks or set number of calories...
{unless you start counting calories like I did just to see what I was actually eating in the start}
You can eat whenever you like...
Just healthier and fresh stuff:)

What do you eat and how do you start out?

Start eating more green leafy veggies. 
He thinks salads are the #1 key!
Jordan eats 2 large salads a day (10 cups) 1-1.5 lbs of meat, and fills in the gaps with fruits. 
As far as fruit goes he really does not freak over the carb intake from them since it is a natural source.

What should I cut out in the beginning? 

The most important things to cut are processed food in general {candies, chips, ect} 
If there are a ton of things on the "ingredient list" that you don't know {chemicals} needs to go! 

Does this diet involve exercising?!
Exercising is a component, but it is not required. 
Just by eating right you can lose the weight

How long did it take before you started seeing results?! 
A week or two, Jordan started out losing a few pounds. 
The week I tried it {by keeping my carbs around 100mg} I lost 5 lbs!

What kind of exercising does he (you) do? 
Jordan loves to WALK. He walks to church every morning even in the snow...he's crazy!
He also takes the boys out as much as possible. 
He does 2-3 heavy lifting workouts {1 hour} and sprints once a week. 
If you are looking for just dropping weight he suggests the walks and possibly some sprints. 
You will feel 100% better and healthier.
PS My exercise is chasing the boys!:) 

What does his typical daily meal plan look like? 
Breakfast: Salad with whatever we're eating {eggs, bacon, sausage}
followed by some fruit for something sweet. 
Throughout the day: He snacks on his salad and lots of fruits {apples, bananas, oranges, kiwi} 
Dinner: Very similar to breakfast, Salad along with whatever we're eating {chicken, pork or beef} 

Did you have to give up the skinny girl margarita (please say no!)? 
He said you would probably just want to stay away from it because of all the artificial sweetners, 
but on occasion it is fine! 

Jordan lives by the 80/20 rule, try to eat right 80% of the time and allow yourself a giveaway for the other 20%, or eat well 4 nights and have something you love on the 5th {pizza and beer} 

Is this the lifestyle that has you eating all the time, 
healthy food of course, but you need to eat like 6 times a day? 
No you can still use the 3 meal structure. 
He likes the 2 meal structure. 
It is not about how often, more about WHAT you eat. 

Do you have to have a wife to prepare the meals (partially serious, is it difficult for the “average” man to follow/prepare food on his own)? 
You can handle it on your own. 
We make him a huge salad at the start of the week so he takes from that daily. 
We have our fruit out on the counter for easy grabbing throughout the day. 
For meat he just eats what we do or will fry up eggs quick or grill something. 
He loves whole chickens, he just grills them up and chows on them for days. 

Does this lifestyle have you running to the bathroom a lot (high fiber)? 
No, not really but it probably does have more fiber than a typical American diet. 
The fiber is less harsh than grain fiber so it is softer on your body. 

I want to know what he will NOT eat: 
Processed stuff, he will still eat them on occasion, like over Christmas
He ate one of every dessert/cookie. 
He will eat those things, just not on a daily basis.

What do you do when you're at someone's house for dinner? 
Try to stick to the rules as much as possible but this is where you give yourself 
the leadway with the 80/20 rule. If he knows we will be going out for pizza 
he will be extra good the days leading up to it. 

How much more expensive is this diet than your old grocery budget? 
It is the same. And we even switched to all organics!
We cut out all the processed stuff {crackers, chips and cookies} and inserted all fresh stuff.
I literally only shop in the produce section, except for running over to get milk and cereal for the boys.

How much prep time/cook time does it take? 
Slim to none. With making his salad at the start of the week I never have to worry about his lunches. 
As for me, the boys and I just eat everything fresh and add meats. 
We cook meat for dinner and that is really all that needs cooked. 
I will sometimes make fresh cut fries (I'm preggers guys!), which take 10 minutes but other than that we just 
add fruits and veggies that do not need any prep time. 

Can a picky picky eater like myself enjoy this? 
Yes, if you like fruits and meat you can do this! 
You choose what you want to eat. 
Jordan loves APPLES so he eats a TON of them, he also loves carrots, so he eats those a lot! 
I am a huge meat eater {bacon, pulled pork, steak} so I love eating more meat. 
I also love fruit so I can handle that. I am trying to get better on the whole salad situation but I try.

I hate that I cannot give you an exact account from my point of view...
But my weight is clearly on the rise with Jude in my belly...
I will say that I have not gained NEAR as much this pregnany though...
I think it has to do with me cutting out the processed crap...
I have not brought myself to salads 247 but I have made significant changes...
With Vincents pregnancy I was up at least 50 lbs at this point.
As of today I am only up 24lbs...
That tells me a lot about the power of this "diet"

There were a lot more questions on our recent post and I am going to get to those here soon.
We are also going to break down whats the best in each food group.
We will also compile a list of potential meals and snacks that work perfectly for this!
Thanks for all the questions and input! 
Let me know how your diets go!:) 


  1. I suppose I could sub fruits/veggies for the salads....

  2. I would love to see meals on here of what you guys eat. We want to eat healthier but have to go super cheap with groceries.

  3. I like how there are no gimmicks or set number of calories. This totally makes sense. I also like the 80/20 rule. Thanks for sharing and this is do-able for my whole family!

  4. Oh and, I love the new blog look!

  5. I love this.
    I'm going to (try) start with salads everyday this coming week.
    Thank you to you and your hubby :)

  6. I've seen a lot of people following this diet use cauliflower as a substitute for a lot of things. For example this weekend, I saw cauliflower mashed potatoes, and I think I've seen it for like pizza crust, have you done things like that with your cooking?