Featured on BlogHer today!

I was beyond excited this afternoon to find out my recent post on Handling Kids During Mass was being featured on BlogHer today, it is on the Family Page
Cute Kid
It's funny because I was telling Jordan how much I want to help people to get their family to their full religious potential and after reading one of the comments from BlogHer today it made my heart melt! 

I have only taken my son to church twice (I'm not religious or a regular church-goer by nature even without kids) and I have to say I find it intimidating, though I know most churches are happy to see families. Thanks for the advice, I think I might give it another try :)"
I wanted to jump up and down after reading her comment saying that she might give it another try! 
How amazing is that! 
I have also loved all of your comments on the post and am slowly getting back to them! 
If I can help just one person {which I may have already done} then I am doing my work 
at spreading the word and also getting parents to not be intimidated by others in church. 

If you haven't read my post you can see it on BlogHer!!! 
PS I will leave you with a picture of Luke in his snowsuit...
{the boys have matching ones haha}
He waddles like a marshmallow and when he falls he CANNOT get up!
Pretty funny stuff!


  1. I loved your post but didn't get a chance to comment. We use the exact same "food" strategy, I try really really really hard not to ever take them out (unless it's a complete meltdown) but I've never not brought toys/books. I may have to try that because I feel like Dylan should be getting a little more out of it than playing with dinosaurs and reading books. :)
    Great post! And congrats on being published!!

  2. Congrats! :)
    I loved your post and will definitely be using the tip&tricks when we have our first babe and take them to mass!

  3. look at you!! that is awesome! congrats love!

    and you know i adore that snowsuit... seriously... melt!

  4. I'm seriously psyched for you! WhaT an honor. That's awesome, girl! You're doing your Christwork, it just doesn't look just like everyone else's!
    Amazing post, glad it was honored!

  5. That was a great post! It can definitely be challenging with wiggly toddlers but like you said, SO worth it.

    Another thing that we do in the case of meltdowns (a tactic we came up with after a similar discussion about whether or not it's counter-productive to just let Gem run around in the hall) is that we take her out of the PEW but not out of the Church. So one of us scoops her up and walks to the back where we quietly show her the statues and icons/paintings that are on the back walls. It works GREAT!

  6. Read the blog, decided to comment over here, figured you see it sooner.

    I differ on two points--one, we do quiet toys/books but no snacks. I think it's obviously a personal/family choice, but I don't want Gianna to learn that it's okay to eat at mass (I assume you'll teach your boys that when the time is appropriate) and it's one thing I'd rather never deal with cutting out. The toys/books, I feel, for our daughter, will be easier to cut out because she has already (at 19 months) pretty much discarded them in favor of watching people and following our 'mass cues'

    My husband and I worry how it will be when the new baby comes at Christmas, but like your family, we make it a point to go every week (Gianna went at 4 days old) and position ourselves in a key location (like near the music, as our daughter LOVES pianos/guitars/etc). Another thing I think helps us, as you said, is realizing that other people have BTDT with kids and mass. If I feel a snide look from someone, I chalk it up to a bad attitude, which I don't care about! The church is all about families (right??), so it's better to be there with a squirmy wormy, than at home with a hooligan! ;-)