House Tour....Day One!

When Tara over at Our Journey said she wanted to do a House Tour, I was totally in. I am always at a loss at what to do inside our house as far as decor so I love creeping into others houses to get ideas!:) 

She is having something for each day of the week for the House Tour...
Here is the schedule!

Monday: Where you & your family eat {kitchen,nook,dining room ect.}
Tuesday: Where you & your family sleep {bedrooms}
Wednesday: Where you & your family work & play {office/playroom ect}
Thursday: Where you & your family relax {living room, study ect}
Friday: Favorite parts of your house that make it YOUR home {in photos}

Let's get started with my Kitchen/Eating AREA!
I am in love with the open concept in our house...I can see the boys while I am cooking and all that jazz...
This is where we eat....
(we also have a dining room but NEVER use it, You'll see why)
Back to the kitchen, my favorite space in the house
It is NO JOKE the most important room on a home search for me!
The desk area I never for pictures though!

I love our fridge and here's a little secret to keep kids out!:)
I figured I would give you a look inside the fridge...
The salads and salsa will be explained in the "diet" post...
We have a pantry that i love down the hall behind the kitchen...
I also love the double ovens...
They look amazing and help for holidays!
We have tons of counter space...
It also opens to the hideous formal dining room...
A few reasons I hate this room...
Plus hello...carpet to eat on with kids? NO THANKS!:)

That is my place...
I will hopefully link up each day to give you a look around our place
Stop on by Tara's blog and link up...
I wanna creep inside your place!:) 


  1. love love your kitchen,
    LOVE the fridge.

    eeek everything about it is awesome!

  2. OMG, beautiful. And so spacious. Lucky!
    Yeah, I'm living with my in-laws right now and it'd be just plain sad to show everyone our living conditions. Just sad.

  3. Love your kitchen. so much space!

  4. Your kitchen is amazing!!! We have a similar layout with the kitchen dinette but you have so much more space! :)
    Good idea for the fridge, toO!

  5. I love your kitchen so much! I was gonna enter this but dang my kitchen sucks compared to yours lol!

  6. your kitchen rocks! i love the island! you def put mine to shame! totally feel you on the dining room tho! i hate mine!

  7. Hello kitchen! LOVE LOOOOOVE your kitchen, & what a perfect open floor plan! Your kitchen is what I want my kitchen to look like after our remodel. Lol)

    This is a really cool link up. Seriously I get to be a fly on wall, & check out peoples houses. Uhmmm... I'm in! But not entering until remodel is finished. Hahaaa.

    Love to you mama!

  8. Oh. Btw, you just saved my life w/ the whole zip tie fridge thingeee! Thank you Allie! Why didn't I think of that?!

  9. Love the table runner, one day you will have the burlap one that you want, when your mother in law eventually makes it:)

    Love to all.

  10. I said the same thing to Allie, Jess! Don't worry though, your kitchen ROCKS compared to mine.

  11. Yep, you have a DREAM kitchen! Love!

  12. wow you have beautiful kitchen! and big space!!! love it. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  13. Oh my gosh, I love your kitchen. It's so big and spacious and beautiful! And I have to do you keep your stainless steel looking nice and clean with little ones running around? I feel like I'm wiping and polishing my fridge all the time!?

  14. I can't decide what I'm more jealous of - the open concept or how clean and organized your fridge is!

    I love living in an old house, but there are a lot of small rooms and no trace of an open concept. It's hard when I'm cooking dinner and Kale is playing in the other room. I'd love an open concept house, but am not sure I'm willing to give up the character of our old home!

  15. holy crap... your kitchen is a DREAM.

  16. What a gorgeous kitchen!