I pinned it...Hubbs did it!:)

This was one of the first things I actually pinned on my beloved Pinterest
{ps who else has been having problems with stuff loading on there lately!? Pain in the ace!}

This helper stand was perfect for the boys, they ALWAYS want to be up at the counter with me...
I do not mind if Vincent stands on a chair but Luke is the problem...
I cannot tell you how many times he has fallen from climbing on chairs in the past 3 mos!
I figured this would protect him a tad more!:)
Plus he also likes to dance of chairs...which is really terrifying! 
The Little Helper Tower

To buy one these are like $200+
Jordan made ours for like $20!!!:) 

Here is little man with his old tactics, standing on a chair...
I mean seriously dude...could you be FURTHER AWAY from the counter!?!?!
Classic Luke...check out that grin....
I'm cute and NOT LISTENING to you!:)
I did not care if it was exactly like the one on pinterest, I just wanted a "cage like" enclosed area 
around the little monster man, Luke!
Jordan looked at the plans and just banged out something similar.
The coolest thing is Jordan made it as much by hand as possible...
He screwed every screw in with by hand instead of using his drill...
It's made with LOTS of daddy love! 
It is also painted with lots of LOVE by Vincent and I...color chosen by Vincent as well!:)
I attached plastic wrap so he didn't get paint all over his shoes and the house haha!

and here is the finished product...
Luke still climbs chairs but he is getting better at using this instead...
He likes to have his dance parties still...
But now he is safe and secure...
Crap he is kind of like a cage dancer though....!?!?
A good looking one if I may add!:) 
If your man wants Jordan's plans let me know....
He said his way was VERY easy!
If not here are the other peoples plans... 

Next on the list is this HUGE chalkboard for the playroom...
Pottery Barn wanted 300 bucks for this...
I mean seriously...it's a chalkboard guys?! Really!??!?
They can take that 300 bucks and shove it!:)
We will be making this gem for next to nothing...
I will be sure to post all the materials and stuff we use for the project...
Pinned Image
I also want to attach a little tray for the chalk to be held in...that or a mason jar attached...
Not exactly sure yet...

If your hubs is handy have him build you one of the kitchen helpers...
It is really GREAT and I am not on edge as much when in the kitchen with Luke!
He can now "help" without me having a nervous breakdown about falling off the chair!

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Happy Thursday!

Dieters...Our food list is coming...hubs has been crazy busy with work this week! 


  1. I'm loving this Mrs. Crafty Momma! I told J that I wanted him to make one. He gave me an odd look, but he doesn't know that I will win and he'll make it. :) I can't wait to see that chalkboard too. Give the details for sure because that WILL happen. My kiddo loves chalk!

  2. Oh yea, and I LOVE your blog design!

  3. girlfriend, i love this!! and what i love even more? this chalkboard!! AHH... i cant wait for the post, seriously!!

    can J make one for E too?! HAHA! he is talented girlfriend!

  4. Love all the DIY! My husband has been asking for me to give him more projects (he LOVES working with wood!) and these look perfect! I love being able to get things so much cheaper especially, pottery barn is stinking ridiculous.

  5. Thats awesome! I love it....now i just have to give alberto the info !!!!! and OMG $300 for a chalkboard........Thats insane ......I've seen the chalboard paint so you can turn almost anything into a chalkboard for next to nothing! I cant wait for you to post on that!

  6. What a cute idea! It looks like Luke had a blast helping paint too!! And the chalkboard? Adorbs!!

  7. I am LOVING pinterest. What did people do before the internet to make dinner, create crafts and decorate? :)
    I made a similar chalkboard for the playroom for the boys for super duper cheap.(thank you Goodwill and chalkboard paint) Can't wait to hear about yours!

  8. VERY good idea. Hannah fell off a chair today in fact. Perhaps you could add Jordan's plans here? I love the pics of Vincent painting!

  9. What a great idea! I am sure Thatcher will be a wild man once he can reach chairs to climb up! And I am loving the huge chalkboard. That's an awesome idea!

  10. This is a wonderful idea! No more calls to the pediatrician about busted chins, etc due to helping mom and dad in the kitchen or wherever. So many fun ideas on the internet, aren't there?