Jordan's Primal "Diet"...

I have been promising for awhile and I know a lot of you always wonder what
Jordan's Primal Diet is all about...
It has fully transformed the way the entire family eats...
Which is a very good thing! {I needed something like this in my life!}
My husband was NEVER fat...he has always been very active and was a swimmer
with a pretty lean body, therefore when he said he was starting a diet, I was kinda weirded out!
But it really is not a diet, it is just transforming the way we eat!
I really think it is the reason I have gained was less this pregnancy!
There is so much that goes into this that it will take a few {a lot} of posts!

I really want to COVER EVERYTHING and EVERY QUESTION you all have on this!  
I figured I would start by asking you ALL what interests you about this diet?!
What questions do you have for Jordan or myself {the main chef haha}
I want to cover it ALL ...

I will leave you with his "starting"
See he was never big to begin with...

The last is from last month...this is not flexing....
I refuse to show the full flexed ones just yet 
They kinda make me giggle....
He is so serious in the full flexed position....

Anyways he started out in June at 184 and is now 170...
I really never thought he had more than 5 lbs to lose...
I can't wait to share all his tips and tricks to trimming up and feeling healthy...

ASK ANYTHING and he will answer! 
Thanks guys!



  1. um, what to ask for J. everything dude. I want to know it all.

    i don't want to gain muscle... just lost the little fat....

    does this diet involve exercising?! i hope not. haha... kidding...but i mean... i don't want to lift weights...ha.

    how long did it take before you started seeing results?!

    ..... just tell me ALLLL your secrets! :)

  2. Does this "diet" consist of Skinny Girl margaritas? I'm in! Kidding...the mister stated that he wanted to eat more healthy. My definition of healthy is totally different from his so any tips and tricks would help me out in starting a more healthy approach. I also like that it's for the whole family!

  3. I'm with Becky. What kind of exercising does he (you) do? What does his typical daily meal plan look like?

  4. Did you have to give up the skinny girl (please say no!)? Is this the lifestyle that has you eating all the time, healthy food of course, but you need to eat like 6 times a day? Do you have to have a wife to prepare the meals (partially serious, is it difficult for the “average” man to follow/prepare food on his own)? Does this lifestyle have you running to the bathroom a lot (high fiber)?

  5. Wow! What is your man eating!?! I want to know what he will NOT eat. What do you do when you're at someone's house for dinner? Tell me everything!!!

  6. uMM...WE NEED THIS DIET NOW!!!!!!!

    I'm not good with diets. in fact..i think i eat something sweet EVERY DAY! but i'm really trying TELL ME ALL!!!! lol

    hurry hurry...get to writing!!! :)

  7. How much more expensive is this diet than your old grocery budget?

    How much prep time/cook time does it take?

    Can a picky picky eater like myself enjoy this?