Monday Meals-Whole Chicken and Honey Glazed Carrots

I figured I would start posting meals that we do during the week to give you all an idea
of easy things to make for the "Jordan diet" haha
You will hopefully find all of our meals easy!

This is a VERY quick meal and one of our favorites...
Whole roasted Chicken & Honey Glazed Carrots...

For the chicken you just place it in a roasting pot, 
(try to buy organic chicken)
I use olive oil on the skin and salt and pepper...
Bake at 375 until internal temperature is 180.
The skin gets nice and crispy...
I love eating the skin of the part:)

The carrots were a brand new recipe I used...
I got a 2lb bag of organic baby carrots.
I boiled them until tender, 
Added 2 TBS of Butter 
and 1-2 TBS of  Natural Honey

That is it!! 
The boys are carrot freaks so they loved this tiny twist to them.



  1. yummmm, i want THAT!! going to try to make it this week :)

  2. YUM!! I was just thinking on the way to work I need to cook the carrots in our fridge! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I could eat that entire serving platter of carrots. YUM. I've never roasted a chicken, that could be a fun project to attempt :)

  4. ooooooo i have to try those carrots! I always cook chicken in the oven and my whole family loves it! and I agree with you ....chicken skin is soooooo DELISH!

  5. those carrots look yummy and I hate cooked carrots :)

  6. Yum - that chicken looks delish! I am always scared I will ruin a whole chicken!

  7. I am looking forward to seeing more of your recipes now that we are on the Primal lifestyle too!