Nail Files Link Up!

I figured I would join in this week with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for the Nail Files Link up!

I typically never paint my nails...
with the exception of my toes...
I love having them painted...
But for Christmas my brother-in-laws girlfriend got me some cute OPI colors...
I figured I would give it a shot and paint them....

I chose OPI-French Quarter for Your Thoughts...
Looks great right....
Well being a SAHM kills any chance of them surviving....
This is less than 12 hours later...
Heartbreak HOTEL....
Now I look like an idiot with jacked up nails haha

Any tips to make it stay LONGER when you are constantly using your hands 
to cook, clean and change diapers! haha
I used two coats and a clear top coat :(
Any input would be appreciated because I would love to rock some fun nail polish but
this just seemed like more of a hassle to take the time to paint them only for them to last 12 hours!:(

Alright, ENOUGH of my sob story...
Link up!
The Nail Files


  1. LOVE the new design! Who did it for you? So stinkin' cute!

  2. love the colour...

    But it annoyed when they didnt last long after you been busy by using your hands for cleaning, cook and mores

    im your new follower... come check in my blog to say hi and follow me back :D

  3. my biggest tip when wanting polish to last, is to wait a LONG time between coats. I usually do one coat at night, about an hour before bed, then my second coat the next afternoon. that way they really have time to set/harden before the next coat. For me, doing a GOOD manicure takes about 3 days! But then it lasts like a week!

  4. I cant believe it chipped that bad! :(

  5. I'm really liking that color! I just started using a top coat that's also a nail strengthener and it's been helping my polish to last longer.

  6. this is one of my very favorite colors to wear

  7. same nail polish dilemma here and I work all day (4 days). It lasts...maybe 2 days. MAYBE. then its 3 more days before i find the time to get it off.

  8. lol I do a base coat, swipe a horizontal stripe of the actual polish across the tips first then do a couple of coats, then use a top coat.

  9. nicole top coat is the best of the best. I am a mama who washs my hands a million times a day and that stuff holds up like no other. try it!

  10. i love that gray color..i keep wanted to pick up a pretty gray and this may be the one. now i need to find it.
    i wish i knew how to prevent chipping, mine ALWAYS chip and it is so annoying

  11. I love that color! My skin tone has a lot of pink in it, so I don't think I could pull it off. With a 7 week old baby, who wants to be held constantly, I can only paint a nail at a time. It takes me all day to get them painted.

  12. I have a friend who is a nail tech and she said a base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat. And then if it chips, to touch it up and recoat it with top coat.

    I'm trying the SH nail strips right now, but I'll be trying out her tips next week. My hands are constantly going through torture - and my kids are 3 & 4.