SNOW much fun!

It finally snowed more than 1/2 inch around these parts...
So the snowsuits actually made sense for once!:) 
Vincent was singing "row, row, row your boat!"
I lasted for like 25 minutes...
The boys lasted MUCH longer...
Vincent could stay outside ALL DAY LONG! 

Thankfully the snow hasn't gotten too crazy and the roads are good!:)
Hope you all had a great weekend and maybe even played in the snow!

I have decided to start Meal Mondays where I will post meals
you can use for the "diet".
I promise they are ALL EASY!



  1. omg LOVE all the pictures... my favorite though is the one of J pulling the boys... i think its like 4th to last or something. so cute!!!

    ah, i need to get a sled like that for E... where did you get yours?

    p.s. i just remembered you had asked me about my MK watch... um gf... i LOVE it... i have had it for almost 2 years, and i still love it just as much as the day i got it.. and i have not had one single problem. still same battery and all!

  2. Such cute photos! I wish we would get some snow, just rain rain rain rain. Lame!

    Excited for your recipe tomorrow!!

  3. aw. i want to see snow! i've never seen it! i think we are going to take rylee next winter to play in it. :) i love the pics!!

  4. Great pics! It's just too cold to play in the snow here right now but it's supposed to warm up tomorrow to above freezing, so we'll probably get outside then! I love the boys' snowsuits. They look so no-fuss, wish I had a pair for my kids.

  5. Snow! I love snow although I've never actually experienced it :( The boys are so cute in their suits!!

  6. I LOVE the lime green snow suits!!!!!Looks like they are having a blast! I know mine are dying to go out in snow but we havent really gotten much this year.....and this mommy is never really thrilled to go out in snow At least you have a little shoveler though .....I think I need to teach my 4 yr old to start shoveling...hehehe

  7. They looked like they had so much fun! And they look so cute in their snow suits!

  8. So jealous you've gotten snow!! Looks like they had so much fun!!