What we actually eat!

Hello loves,
I know a lot of you who are interested in Jordan's diet or may have even started it
{give me all the details please}
are curious about what we actually eat.

I thought the best way was to make a list of things we eat on a regular basis.
With the boys we obviously allow fun stuff like mac & cheese for lunch {Annies is our fave}
But they always eat exactly what we have for dinners, 
I refuse to cook 2 meals lol
I will fill you in the organic/natural brands that we have found to be the best!

The grocery shopping is a breeze for this way of eating...I am in and out the store in a flash...
The cooking is simple...
Nothing is complex at all! I love it!

Fruits and Veggies-
The original Primal Blueprint diet discourages a lot of the fruits 
because they contain carbs but Jordan allows them as much as he wants. 
I mean seriously an apple is better than a 100 calorie bag of crackers. 
So indulge in the goodness of ANY fruit and veggie. 
We are restricted to pretty much only apples, pears, kiwi and oranges 
since most the other fruits are out of season. 
We choose to buy only organic because of the pesticides and junk
so we only can buy whats in season!

I have touched a few times on the reasons we buy organic, free range and grassfed meats.
If you haven't already watch Food Inc!:)
I am going to do a post on the benefits of grassfed over the cornfed beef. 
Check Eat Wild to find a local farmer, it is worth the extra price. 
We have started buying whole animals to keep costs down...IT ROCKS! 
We just got an organic whole pig and I am loving it! {mama loves her some BACON}
I barely have to pick up meat at the store, we have it all at our finger tips!
I think it was around $3/lb, which rocks because we were paying 8.50/lb for bacon 
at the same farmer...so consider the bulk option!:)

Ps quick facts... Switching to grass-fed beef could save you 16,642 calories a year.

Jordan does not do dairy very often just because he is not that big of a fan. 
I on the other hand love dairy. 
We again choose for health reasons to buy organic in this category. 
The best choice is to buy grassfed milk though. TONS of DHA! 
It usually comes in glass bottles {old school}, 
but we only buy WHOLE milk, the fats are VERY good for you. 
If you have a Whole Foods they almost ALWAYS have a local grassfed milk!
Our local meijers also has a more popular brand called Grass Point Farms...
When they cut milk down to skim and 2% it loses a lot of its natural vitamins and minerals. 
We also do the same in yogurt and we look for whole milk yogurt or greek yogurt. 
The reason I am so anal on grassfed and also organic is because of what the cows are fed. 
Regular milk cows are just fed their normal corn feed and 
obviously cows should eat grass so therefore the milk product they produce will be high quality.
I get a lot of flack for this one because I know people love to debate whether 
there is a difference between organic and regular so that is typically 
why we do buy the grass fed/local milk but our second option is organic.
Plus no offense I would rather spend the extra 2 bucks for peace of mind to buy organic.
PS I also buy all the cheese in blocks to cut out processing...
Buying raw cheese is the best option...followed by whole milk cheese

{our faves at the end of the page}
Most of Jordan's snacks are just fruits and veggies. 
We also try to buy all organics/naturals here as well! 
We keep as far away from the processed stuff as possible...and I can feel the difference.

Oils & Fats...
Like I said we eat Grassfed Butter and use it a lot! 
We try to stay away from Vegetable Oil and replace it with Coconut Oil.
Olive oil is usually what I use to saute veggies and all that jazz.
We also save the bacon grease and use that to cook stuff in...natural fats baby!
We also take a fish oil supplement...

{proven to be great for anxiety, mood and depression..bonus for my raging hormones}
This is the brand we love...Costco has it for cheap!:)
2 pills a day!:)

This is where it gets boring...
If and when we venture out to eat I will indulge in a diet coke! Yum....

They are really pretty basic.
Here is a quick breakdown of typical options

Breakfast...pretty much always involve eggs lol {hope you like em}
Whole Milk Cheese

Lunch and Dinner...

I know this is super bland but what we do is just take the carbs out of whatever it is...
Here are a few recipes I have posted and some that are to come
Chicken Parmesan with no noodles (chicken parm pizza for the freebie days)
Pork Stew-Shred pork and add tons of veggies
Whole Chicken roasted with veggies
Pulled Pork (I posted this recipe before the diet so we do it without the bread now)
Burgers..without the bun
Italian Stuffed Peppers (without the rice...my fave)

We pretty much eat whatever we want we just take the carbs out and add veggies.

Snacks the boys and I approve of!
Here is a list of some of the snacks that we buy :)
These are obviously in addition to fruits and veggies....and what the boys LOVE! 
Jordan barely will eat these...he is committed guys, but I will munch on them!:) 

Pirates Booty is amazing...the Smart Puffs are actually my fave though! 
The boys faves- we buy them in bulk at costco in the snack sized bags!

My replacement for Cheez-its..AMAZING (buy in bulk on amazon..way cheaper)
To fulfill my chips and dip need I use these with my fresh salsa
Apples & PB....it is a hard flavor switch we try to use organic or natural PB
(stay away from hydrogenated oils) 

Fresh cut fries...these are my fave
YES you can still have them but obviously not every single meal every day...
We buy a bag of organic poatoes they are like 4 bucks for 5 lbs...makes a TON
Buy organic...article at end of post on why
This is one place where I do use Veg Oil
I hand slice 2-3 potatoes, fry them in oil on the stove and sprinkle with seasalt

Throw all your fruit into the blender with some ice cream! YUM!
Homemade ice cream....
Use all organic/natural stuff to make your fave flavors at home!
Organic homemade popcorn...
{read up how bad microwave popcorn is for you...cancer causer... no thanks!}
Jordan loves popcorn so on occasion we will make it homemade...
we use coconut oil, real butter and sea salt! 
We got this popper off Amazon...the boys love it!

Here is the list of 7 things you should NEVER eat...
 I have heard Muir Glen brand has completely taken BPA out of their cans...

The bottom line is you can still eat what you want just watch the labels...
Cutting out carbs can suck...I say start slow...
You will slowly notice yourself not even wanting them...
They may even gross you out...
Slowly take them out of meals and you will find that you can actually live without them...

That is really all I can think of off the top of my head...
I am going to try my best to start taking pics and posting recipes, 
We really just take meat and veggies and make some random concoction! 

*ALSO when making the switch to organics you may sometimes notice a different taste, such as the Peanut Butter and Mac & Cheese...it takes awhile to get used to but its funny because it is HOW IT IS supposed to taste without all the junk they add, the fruits and the veggies in my opinion taste better and are larger in size! The berries are where I can really tell a difference*

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!:) 


  1. This sounds great! Now if I could only figure out how to stop eating the carbs...

    Jeanne G.

  2. I love to stove top pop organic popcorn. I have the red kernels with antioxidants in them. I wish I had your discipline to do the rest...but alas...I enjoy french fries far too much. Good for you guys!

  3. Mmmmmmmm.... Fruit and veggies! LOVE! Oh and meat too! I will admit that cutting carbs is hard if you're used to eating them, but now that I'm starting to cut them little by little it's becoming easier. Oh and now when I do eat carbs I feel so guilty!

  4. Oh my goodness my husband just started the primal eating lifestyle last week! I couldn't believe that you just posted over all the stuff he just told me. He is looking at buying cuts from a grass fed cow or splitting a whole one with his parents. We had some for steak last night, and it was delicious! But he's lost 4 pounds in a week which was crazy. He is not overweight but just wanted to be healthier. He also started working longer hours at work and said he didn't feel the "crash" of his sugar level b/c wasn't eating grains or processed food. I am glad to see from your blog that eating this way does work!

  5. I love this post. We are really into eating local and natural foods. It is a bit difficult, but we can tell a big difference. I think you need a garden now. I actually grow my own popcorn...YUM!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all this info. I always love your little tidbits of knowledge on organic and just overall feeding our bodies the good ole stuff we should be giving it:)

  7. I pretty much cook the same way now, tastes better and waayyy easier lol. The added bonus is everything just tastes better when you eat clean. My taste buds were going dead with all the crap we would eat, but now I enjoy everything!

  8. Ahh I love hearing it from someone who actually does it!! Thanks girl!!