35 weeks...

I no joke typed up my entire post last night and had it scheduled....
It went live and was BLANK!!?
Has anyone ever had that happen!? I have no idea what went wrong....
{stupid blogger}
Time to retype the entire thing....
OH JOY! :)

Here we go....again....
35 weeks...

How far along are you? 
35 WEEKS...no freaking way!??!?
It has flown by!

Total weight gain: 
up 26 lbs...
Which I am sure will climb a lot this week with ALL the chocolate Jordan brought home 
from Switzerland....I am a little embarrassed at HOW MUCH we have consumed! haha

How big is baby?:  
Jude is around 5 1/4 lbs and 18 inches!
It is nuts because Luke and Vincent were both 19 inches at birth...shorties!:) 

Maternity clothes: 
I vowed to try to get through pregnancy without opening my box of maternity...
So far so good... Tights are my best friend!:)
I am sure not everyone appreciates seeing my butt in them but I don't care!:)

Stretch marks?:  
No more have popped up....
Vincent and Luke's pregnancies caused plenty!:)

Still hit or miss.
I think my body is just gearing up for round 3 of sleep deprivation!
Best moment this week?:
Vincent hugs, kisses and cuddles my belly constantly.
We will just be sitting there and he will start rubbing my belly...
It melts my heart! 
He had no idea what was going on when Luke was in my belly but this time
he totally gets it!
Minus the fact that he asks for me to pull Jude out constantly hahah
I would if I could little man ;)

Lots and LOTS!
He kicks so freaking HARD at times...
I also swear he is trying to climb out of me...his movements are so LOW!  

Food cravings?:
Everything that is NOT GOOD for me....:)
I am more obsessed than ever with pirates booty brand Smart Puffs....
they are like crack! 

Food aversions?:
Nothing...everything looks and sounds good!
I think my body is trying to get one last hurrah in of bad food;)

Labor signs?: 
Braxton hicks are random....
They need to just chill out and wait for the big show...
More of an annoyance than anything;)
I hope things stay quiet for another month or so...

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in!
What I miss: 
My body...
Sleeping on my belly...

What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting Jude!:)
I am so curious who he is going to look like...
Vincent has light brown hair and dark brown eyes...
Luke has blonde hair and blue eyes...
So I am curious what Jude will look like...
I asked Vincent what he thinks...
He chose brown hair and green eyes...
So we will see if Vincent is right!??!?:)

What I'm not looking forward to: 

He would be perfectly fine if he came now!:)
For now he is just packing on the lbs!
That is all for pregnancy related news!
We had a moms night in at my house Friday....
Which to my surprise was actually a baby/mommy shower...
I was a tad shocked when I walked downstairs to find ALL OF THIS....
They planned the cutest "Pink Lemonade" theme....
 Everything matched so freaking adorably! I was in LOVE! 
 My friends are master bakers, I swear!!! 
 Those cake balls were the bomb! I am never putting those on a stick EVER again!! haha
They went above and beyond with this surprise!
Instead of baby stuff they each gave me things 
that got them through those 1st months of new babies....
Lots of stuff to pamper myself!:) 
Which let's face it, is something new moms put on the back burner but it is VERY important....
With Vincent and Luke I went a little nutso trying to be SUPER MOM...
This time around I am going to actually take the help
(which pains me a little because I like control)
But I know it will make me more sane!:) haha

They made me an amazing bracelet where they each chose a bead color
and had a meaning and prayer with each.
I will take the bracelet with me on D-DAY and have them all their in spirit!:)
I am blessed to have such amazing women as friends...
It makes me tear up a little....
THANK YOU LADIES from the bottom of my heart! 

Well the countdown really is getting closer...
It could be 6 weeks....
or 4 weeks or who EVEN knows!??!?!


  1. Very cute surprise shower! Love the pink lemonade theme! :)

  2. you carry pregnancy so well momma! Can't wait to see who sweet Jude looks like either:)

  3. you are the cutest preggo ever.

  4. You can't get any cuter... seriously!
    and the surprise shower??? perfection.

    im just like you with trying to be "super mom" with newborns. in fact, my family called me that until my breaking point when I asked for the help... finally :)

  5. You are the cutest! I'm glad that the other two are doing so well with the new baby coming! And how stinkin sweet of your friends to throw you such a lovely shower!!! I love it.

  6. It seems like just yesterday you were newly pregnant and I was massively pregnant! Where does the time go??? Can't wait to meet Jude!

  7. Such a cute shower theme! and of course, you look absolutely fabulous! Seeing your belly photos makes me miss my belly!

  8. That was so nice of your friends! And yes boo on blogger always doing stupid stuff. I love the pic of your belly from above!

  9. You look fabulous! And that shower is precious!

  10. Time is flying by!!!
    You look amazing :)

  11. You look adorable! and what great friends ....such a lovely shower!

  12. That's so lovely! I can't think of a person who deserves it more either. You look great!

  13. Allie girl... you are glowing beautiful mama! I loved the cute shot of your belly & toes!

    What amazing sweet friends you have! That party was adorable, & I loooove that you got gifts for YOU! You desearve it mama! FIIIIIIVE weeks! Can't wait to see that lil Jude man! Love to you & your precious boys....! XO

  14. Love the pic of your tootsies peeking out under your belly! You are adorable! For some reason, I really miss that stage in my pregnancy... all the excitement and feeling anxious. I guess I am forgetting the feelings of discomfort. Ha!

  15. You really do look great and that little shower was really sweet. I'm really excited to see what Jude looks like as well.

  16. Awww, girlie you are getting close! I delivered both of my children at 36 weeks and both were perfectly healthy. How amazing of your friends! Eveything looked great, especially those cake balls :)

  17. What a super cute prego momma you are! My gosh, rockstar...not wearing any maternity clothes at all.

    You do have wonderful friends. That's so awesome you have a great group of ladies around you.

  18. How wonderful, I am so glad that you have the support system. I love Vincent wanting you to pull the baby out so he can see him. Take care of yourself and you know that I am only a phone call away.

    Love you all.

  19. Blogger has blanked out my posts before as well. Makes me SO mad!!

    You look great!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one. I can't believe my twins are 8 weeks old and you're 35 weeks!! Crazy!

  20. AW! That is SO sweet!! You really look so good, too!

  21. You look amazing!!! I really hope I look that good when I'm preggo!!! What a sweet shower you have some great friends!!!