37 weeks...FULL TERM BABY!

Jude told Vincent that he is READY to meet us...
and TRUST ME...
We are READY to meet him!!
Every night when I lie awake at night {from having to pee every minute} and
I just imagine him being here with us...
I cannot wait to cuddle him and kiss his little body all over!

Now on with the 37 week questions....
How far along are you? 
37 weeks...Full Term baby!!
Can I get a RHOOC Vicki "WOO HOO!"

Total weight gain: 
30 lbs....which means you can come NOW Jude!:)

How big is baby?:  
Jude is a little over 6 lbs and around 19inches...

Maternity clothes: 
Still no...I told you all I vowed to make it through this 
come hell or high water in normal clothes 
{aka LOTS of tights!}
It helps to remind you I really only get fully dressed on Sundays haha

Stretch marks?:  
No more than what I received from V&L
Not so much...
I pee 247, I wake up to the drop of a pin, he moves a lot which wakes me!
I'll sleep in like 8 months ha!

Best moment this week?:
Vincent talking to Jude :) 
Lots and LOTS!
It is pretty painful at times...

Food cravings?:
NOTHING sounds good.
I draw a blank EVERYDAY on what to eat.
Frappes always sound good though!:)
Food aversions?:

Labor signs?: 
More braxton hicks...

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in!

What I miss: 
My body haha I am ready to get back in shape
and actually be able to follow Jordan's eating more strictly and workout
I am excited to see how much quicker the weight come off
{fingers crosses}
What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting Jude!:)
And kissing him ALL OVER!!

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Yea, I JUST found out my new office does not do checks for dilation or anything
Insert a VERY VERY angry Allie! This was the only reason I loved the last month of pregnancy...
I hate my office...will be changing as soon as Jude is born...
My old midwife was stripping membranes and checking every week at the end!

He is considered FULL TERM!:)

**I should really consider packing my hospital bag here soon!!!*
I really hope your predictions of him coming next week are true!
He also told Vincent that he CANNOT wait to meet ALL of you!!:)
Until next week...


  1. SO prescious. I can't wait to meet him too!! You look so good!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Also, I love how Vincent is putting the can to his belly too. So cute. Can't wait to see pictures of Jude!

  3. Those pics of Vincent are to DIE FOR! Seriously so cute! and made me think that I need to make some of those for the girls to play with!

    and your pics? so cute! I love that little scarf thingamabob you have on. Beautiful girl, beautiful.

    and yes, JUDE COME NOW! Whats your due date? My bff is have a planned csection on march 5th. you guys have to be right around the same time??? :)

  4. You look great Allie! Love the pictures!!!!!

  5. You look so amazing!
    Cant wait to meet him :)

  6. WOO HOO! These photos are beautiful!Yay for being full term :)

  7. Awww that is so sweet that Vincent is talking to Jude! And girl I can't believe you have wore zero maternity clothes and that your belly button is still in...dude mine went way out with Nolan! I love your belly pics...can't wait to see pics of your precious newborn!

  8. these have got to be the most precious pictures I have ever seen. Vincent is so adorable and you look AWESOME!!!! I didn't wear any materinty clothes with either of my girls {lots of leggings and sweats} I cant wait to see pics of Mr. Jude.

  9. oh my goodness! Those have to be the sweetest pictures that I have ever seen!

  10. So.Very.Exciting! I love these pics and they are so cute in capturing V's age!

  11. I LOVE that first picture! So cute! I was the same way at the end with not wanting to eat anything, nothing sounded appealing I was just thirsty ALL THE TIME! Boo to no weekly checks, that would be frustrating for sure.

  12. Those pictures are the sweetest! Can't wait to see your new little guy!

  13. Cute pics! OMG I'm so excited for you!

  14. Woo Hoo!!! Way to rock the “normal” clothes Allie! Although, they do have some pretty darn cute maternity clothes. So comfy and cute I have even kept a few of mine and wear them out, in public.

  15. These pics are the cutest things I've ever seen! So excited to "meet" your littlest guy!

  16. I'm in love with the pictures!! What a great idea. And by the way, you look just fabulous Allie!!

  17. These pics are fabulously cute. Are they copyrighted cause Id like to steal the can on a string idea with my next kid. And that may be soon because this post contributed to my already scorching case of baby fever! Congrats!

  18. I love these pictures! What a cute idea to do the tin can telephone :) You look fabulous!

  19. Can't wait to see baby Jude! I love the phone pics, such a fun idea!
    You look amazing, it's hard to believe you're full term!

  20. I'm dying over those pics. Seriously. Too much.