Happy 1/2 Birthday Luke!!

Tonight we celebrated Luke's 1/2 Birthday...
He requested my his favorite cake from Coldstone...
I got a small this time to control our craziness...
{on my birthday we crushed a large one in 1 day...eeeeeek}
 Vincent helped blow out the candle...
 Spoons UP!:)
 PS Luke thinks he is such a BIG BOY in a real chair...
He is getting better at staying IN the chair lol
 Nom Nom Nom!
 Don't get any ideas Verner Pup!:)
I am a little in shock that in 6 months Luke will be 2...
{also really SHOCKED that in a little over 2 months Vincent will be 3}
I swear he was just born....
Oh my goodness how time flies...
Happy 18 months to my sweet little LuLu!!! 


  1. Aww happy 1/2 birthday Luke! How fun

  2. So sweet you guys celebrate 1/2 bdays! Always an excuse for more cake! Hehe

  3. Such handsome boys! Time just ticks away right in front of our eyes doesn't it?

  4. Awww Happy 1/2 Birthday to Luke! They look like they loved the ice cream cake!

  5. Our kids are the same age so I totally understand how you feel. *Sigh* I have baby fever.

  6. It's okay, we celebrate half birthdays too:) Thank God we finally stopped the gift giving though:)