Monday Meals....Gluten Free Waffles

Yes, it is Wednesday so I am a few days late
We are on the road with Jordan for my birthday week...
{you have one more day to figure out the perfect gift, people haha}
He is busy making sales calls during the days, so the boys and I just hang out at the hotel...
{{Vincent LOVES hotels, he talks constantly about coming to one haha}}
During the evenings we have been spending time with my family and friends...
It has been perfect...
It is pretty bittersweet because this is our last travel as a family of 4!
Next time we hit the road for hotel trips it will be with 3 babes! AHHHH!

Anyways Monday before we hit the road I made a huge batch of waffles...
Usually I just buy the organic frozen waffles but they contained gluten...
Which my friends, is yet another new enemy we are cutting out in this family...
{I am going to touch on the dangers of gluten in another post}
But here are some quick reads for you. This and This are good starts...
Gluten is found in grains, whole wheats and all that jazz.

You probably ALL think I am nutzo with our new eating habits but once you actually
read about whats in food, it opens your eyes to a whole new world.
A world that I want to protect my kids from...
Therefore...PEACE OUT GLUTEN...It's been real!

The switch is not too hard since we limit carbs to begin with, but I noticed the boys diets
still contained gluten {waffles, mac&cheese, cereals}

I searched to find a replacement for waffles first since that is their favorite!
I found the perfect recipe using coconut flour!
Gluten and Grain Free Waffles
{Makes 8 waffles}
4 TBS melted Butter, Ghee or Coconut Oil {I went with coconut oil}
1/4 cup Coconut Flour
6 eggs
2-4 TBS pureed apple, banana, pumpkin, pineapple or other fruit (I chose banana)
2 TBS Honey
1/4 tsp Salt

{I doubled the recipe because I froze them}
It made 18 for me because I make mine thinner so the crisp up!:)
Mix all the ingredients in your mixer.
Heat your waffle iron, pour batter onto the waffle iron and go to town!
Top with butter, syrup, fruit, whatever your heart desires.

Freeze the extras and pop in the toaster for quick access during the coming weeks

RESULTS: They tasted great. 
They were a little strong with egg flavor but the syrup cut that out. 
They were very EASY to make and I love how much simple goodness is in them. 
I mean there are no silly unneeded ingredients, they were made by me 
also which always makes me feel better! I love them!

*Coconut Flour was a little hard to find (we do not have a Whole Foods)
 and it is A LOT more pricey than regular flour but the recipes never call for a lot of it, so I can justify it!
 Plus coconut is full of protein! BONUS!*

The brand we got is called Red Mill
You can buy it in 4-packs on Amazon Subcribe and Save for 22.50!
I am going to do that next time because I paid 9 bucks for ONE!

For coconut oil our fave is Spectrum Unrefined
Spectrum Naturals - Coconut Oil Unrefined, 14 oz liquid
This is A LOT easier to find in stores! We also use it for stir-fry, baking, 
popcorn and frying! 

Hope you enjoy the waffles!


  1. Oh yeah ! Thank you Allie for posting this daughter has so many issues with her tummy and her PEDI thinks she has celiac so he wants me to switch her to all gluten i figured if im switching her i might as well switch everyone!

  2. Oh no! now I am all nervous about Gluten. I will have to read your articles.. I already cut out red meat from my children and husband's diet. I am not eating any meat, except fish. I feel like cutting out gluten would be so difficult

  3. Cutting gluten sucks at first, and it's super overwhelming but there is a whole world of foods to try!! Van's makes gluten free frozen waffles. I haven't tried coconut flour yet. But I'm ready to tackle it gluten sucks! I had a post scheduled for 4am this morning on gluten... here's hoping it posts at 4pm? To bad I wasn't on the ball sending you that Shaklee stuff it could have been a present! Can you send me you address so I can send it and some inappropriate card?

  4. Yum this looks tasty! I do not have a waffle sad I know. Maybe my George Foreman has that attachment? I think it might actually. If so I want to try this! We do not have a Whole Foods either...but we do have Earthfare, Fresh Market, and some other places that carry a lot of hard to find organic stuff.

  5. Just read your blog for the first time and saw you guys are cutting out Gluten. My husband was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance 8 months ago. It killed me to cook gluten free for a while (that stuff is EVERYWHERE!) but now we love it! My favorite gluten free cookbook is one called You Won't Believe it's Gluten Free. 99% of the recipes we've tried have been delicious and even enjoyed by our kids!

  6. Do they taste like coconut at all? I don't like coconut