Thursday, February 2, 2012

Never a dull moment....

I wasn't even going to post today...
because I was feeling lazy...
But then I heard Vincent singing in the bathroom...
I walked in to this....
He was playing the keyboard, singing and going potty!
He must learn his multi-tasking from me!:)
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. HAHAHAHA that's priceless :)

    and your walls?!? to die for. Did you paint them yourself???

  2. Haha So Funny!! I love it. I have two boys and I can only imagine the fun they will have when going potty.

  3. Grandpa "Paul" said he knows where his office is. We are both cracking up laughing.

  4. hahaha that is the cutest thing ever!

  5. OMG I love it! He's gonna kill ya when he gets older for this :)

  6. This is just plain hilarious! He's does his best work on the potty!

  7. So darn funny!! My little miss has to read her books while doing her business. They must learn from the best:)

  8. Bahaha. I can't imagine walking in to find that!!!

  9. Hahaaaa.. OMGosh! Such a freakishly ADORABLE rock star! You go Mr V!

    Hope all is well mama! Why do you guys not live down the street?! Seriously girl, we would have so much fun! Jax & V could have a bathroom party/potty rock band! Go potty training!! Hahaaa


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