Twenty-Six and Thirty-Six....

Yes my dear friends....
My parents blessed the earth with me a mere 26 years ago today! haha
{I actually wasn't born til 8pm-ish but whatever)
I am shocked at how much has gone on in these 26 years of life...
Never in a million years did I think I would be weeks away from welcoming baby #3...
Jordan and I have really been knocking things out these past 4 years...
I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

To celebrate my birthday we did a lot of my favorite things...
Involving my favorite people and eating LOTS of my favorite foods!:)
Saturday we started off with a trip to Coldstone to get a cake...
I couldn't resist Vincent making his own little creation...
Chocolate fiend..Chocolate Ice Cream, M&Ms, Oreos, Brownies and Sprinkles
::because we all know sprinkles make everything better:: 
 He loved it....
 I went with a large Cookie Dough cake....
I am really embarrassed to say on night one we ALL shared one piece and were stuffed...
On day 2 we crushed the ENTIRE CAKE....
Every last bite of it!:)

Monday we left with Jordan to travel for work...
His territory stretches close to my parents house so it is nice to come 
along and visit with friends and family from my hometown!

 Tuesday went to dinner with my parents and friends at my favorite burger bar....
The best burger ever...
Bacon and pulled pork on a burger with amazing BBQ sauce!
I wish I would have taken more pics but it was dark inside... I love their interior! 

Last night we cooked dinner in the room
and I made chocolate covered strawberries!!
They have 2 amazing organic stores here and they had them 2/5!! I stocked up on strawberries...
We also like to buy a ton of chocolate and do our "taste testing!"
My fave from this batch was the Divine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate...
Mainly because it tastes the same as some of the Swiss stuff Jordan bought on his trip!
The Chocolate XOXO brand is one of my faves,
there are love poems in each bar!

We are also 36 weeks this week!!!
I added a poll to the right side bar of when you guys think Jude will arrive!:)
Vincent was 41 weeks and Luke was 39 I am curious when Jude will come!
I think early but I am always wrong!!!

How far along are you? 
36 WEEKS which equals 9 months!?!?!
Is this for real!!!>!

Total weight gain: 
30 lbs....{hides face}
I gained no joke 3-4 lbs from last week.....

How big is baby?:  
Jude is around 6lbs and 18.5 inches

Maternity clothes: 
Still no, but these tights are not looking so hot anymore...
Come on Jude, I think people are tired of my pregnant butt in tights!:)
They are just so darn comfy!!!

Stretch marks?:  
No more have popped up....
Vincent and Luke's pregnancies caused MORE than enough! 

Not so much...
We are in the hotel this week so it has been killer...
Luke was up on and off for like 4 hours last night!?!?
I think he was just so excited it was my birthday...
He was just "singing" to me...
Best moment this week?:
Soaking up this last "trip" with our family of 4!!

Lots and LOTS!
It is pretty painful at times...

Food cravings?:
Everything that is NOT GOOD for me....:)
CHOCOLATE and Ice Cream...
::hence the weight gain::

Food aversions?:
Nothing...everything looks and sounds good!

Labor signs?: 
More braxton hicks...

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in!

What I miss: 
Rolling over in bed...haha
It is getting really tough to also pick the boys up and play with them!

What I'm looking forward to: 
Meeting Jude!:)
And kissing him ALL OVER!!

What I'm not looking forward to: 
The weeks of zero sleep...
Those first weeks and months are ROUGH!!!!

Just packing on the pounds...
Jude let's stay under 8lbs...
My lady parts will thank you!:) 

Off to spend the day with my boys! 
We are going swimming in the hotel then heading home...
Yay for wearing a swimsuit...not
{ps after last night I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and Luke in his haha!}
I will spare the pictures for you :)

My love Holly has an amazing giveaway going on! 
*I want to win so do not enter hahahahaha*
Joking....kind of!:)

Have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Allie! Looks like fun and lots of good food!

    I voting for Jude to come out at 40 weeks!

    Sounds like you've had an amazing celebration so far! :)

    Cant wait to see the new babe!


    p.s. already told you, but you look amazing!

    p.s.s. thanks for the giveaway shout out :)

    sounds like you've had a great birthday so far!
    you look awesome! not much longer to go

  4. All I can say is, Jude had better arrive before March 14 or after March 17, 2012 as I will be out of town in Atlanta at a conference. He could be born on Uncle T. J.'s birthday - March 20, 2012. You look cute, so Jude, this is Grandma talking come before March 14 or after March 17, 2012, so I can see you when you are first born.

    Love to all.

  5. Happy Birthday! :) It sounds like you had a great birthday!

  6. Such a cute tummy!!!! Happy birthday girlie! Hope sweet baby Jude comes soon AND I hope he sleeps through the night from day one!

  7. A. Happy birthday momma! I turned 26 last Oct. :)
    B. You're sort of making me want to be pregnant again by showing me all this delicious food.
    C. Your belly looks awesome!


    I found this fudge recipe and it made me think of you. If you make it, let me know how it turns out.

    I was looking up ways to eat coconut oil. I'm trying to get a couple of tablespoons in a day.

  9. That burger looks insanely amazing!! You definitely ate right for your birthday! (Happy late birthday, by the way!)

    And you look fantastic!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday & Happy 36 Weeks!
    It's getting so close. I can't imagine your excitement :)

  11. Awwww... Happy (Late) Birthday mama! Gosh. You're such a baby compared to me, so not fair! You look amazing, your belly is UBER adorable! YaaaaY, baby Jude is coming so soon! Sendind big hugs!!!!

  12. I wish you a happy birthday... but happy birthday AGAIN! all those food pictures? makes me want to be pregnant again so i can go munch munch munch!

    i cant believe you are already 36 weeks! wow!! crazy! cant wait to meet the little dude!!

  13. So sorry I'm late on this but happy belated birthday anyways! Looks like you had a great birthday and you look lovely :)

  14. M&M's in ice cream/yogurt is my FAVORITE. I love when the M&Ms freeze :)