A "typical" Day with 2!

Gearing up for Jude is a little nerve wracking...
I felt the same way leading up to Luke...
I think it is the fear of the unknown...
How will Jude be?
Will he be easy going, needy, quiet, loud!?
Vincent was a dream baby, he was VERY easy going, and quiet.
Luke on the other hand has been my crazy one since he popped out,
He was very tough, loud, really needy, and a crab as a newborn....

It's funny because they are still the same...
Vincent is laid back as all get out...
And Luke is my crazy kid who doesn't slow down...

I have no idea what Jude will be like...
I am really hoping for a dream baby...
The one that loves to sleep...
{my boys were horrible sleepers until about 6 months}
Side note: I always see adorable pics of babes/toddlers passed out in random places
{during dinner in their high chair, mid playing, going for a walk}
My boys have never done that....I am semi jealous haha
I hope Jude loves naps and is a happy go lucky babe...
{knock on wood people!}

Right now this is a typical day in the life of us!
7:30-8:30sh Wake Up
8-30-9:30 Breakfast/Cartoon
9:30-11:30ish Play, Play, Play {toyroom, playdough, color}
11-11:30 FOOD!:)
12-2ish Luke naps {Vincent hangs with me, we like to cook/bake}
2-5ish PLAY
5-6ish Dinner 
6-7ish- More PLAY!
7:15-7:30 Prayers, Brush Teeth, Luke goes down
7:30-8 Vincent Rosary {cuddle time}
That is a typical day, a lot of the play times are filled with errands which I love...
I love getting the kids out of the house...
Jordans office is from home so a lot of the time Vincent and I will go when Luke is napping...
Cleaning and cooking is done while they are "playing" or when Luke is asleep.
Thankfully the weather will be getting better so we can get out and PLAY!
Blogging/Me time is after 8, which I have a feeling will become non existent for a couple months...
We are just going to go with the flow once Jude arrives...
He will fit in perfectly, it will just take some juggling!

It is so nice because Vincent and Luke {and Verner pup} play together amazingly...
Which is not something I had when Luke arrived...
I had to entertain Vincent and tend to Luke's every need...
Now I at least can send V&L off to play...
Or to just be adorable....
I am going in this 3 under 3 gig with no expectations...
I feel like whenever I set up a "perfect" scenario I just get stressed...
So here is to adding another little man to the daily schedule...
Wish us luck!:)


  1. Your day sounds a lot like mine except I only have one so probably easier than yours! I can't wait until you add Jude to the mix! :)

  2. Landon was my difficult baby, Hannah was my easy baby. Neither of my kids slept through the night until they were a year old. Now Hannah almost always does but her nearly 3 year old brother...forget it...he never does. My kids have NEVER fallen asleep during walks, in the high chair, etc. You're gonna have your hands full no doubt but you've done this before which I think makes it a little easier. Because on your most tired days you will know that you'll one day sleep again! I think you have a really great point about the boys keeping each other entertained while you tend to Jude.

    I'm really excited for you!

  3. What's your advice for two under two? I'm a little nervous about having a newborn and toddler. How did breastfeeding go? that's one of my main concerns...that and sleep.

  4. I'm sure you'll adjust & be a great momma of 3! Sounds like you've got a good rhythm, so what's another one to the mix;)

  5. I am so scared to add another one to the mix, sounds like you are pretty good at handling it all! Thanks for sharing your schedule!

  6. Gosh mama... our day sounds a lot the same... except you have double the munchkins (pretty soon triple!!)! You make me less scared to add another to the mix Lol! Can I just say you are such a WONDERFUL mommy. Really Allie, you are! Can't wait to see that precious little man!

    P/S hahaaa... Jax is SO like little Luke!

  7. You can do it, I survived 3 under 3 and have lived to tell about it. Just make sure that you accept help when it is offered. Grandma Chambers came over and helped me out once a week, just ironed, or did things around the house and watched the three boys so I could go the grocery store, run errands, etc. It was nice because Jennifer was in school at the time, so just the three boys were at home :) I will be there to help you, just ask.

  8. And Alex and Jordan were my bad babies, colicky and did not sleep through the night until the were 10 months old.

  9. Well I know one thing for is for sure, he is going to be absolutely adorable just like his brothers!!!

  10. Your such a good mom I'm sure you will get the hang of it real quick!!! I can't wait to see how handsome he is like his brothers!! You guys make handsome boys, too bad we didn't live close or my daughter would have a future husband in one of your boys;)

  11. Love that you ended this blog with the Luke face! Hilarious! W doesn't fall asleep anywhere either. Funny how kids are all so different. I hope you get your sleeper, but whoever Jude turns out to be, he's going to be blessed with two amazing big brothers, not to mention his all-star parents!

    And, let's talk soon about Vincent saying the rosary with y'all.

  12. haha! good luck!!!
    i am jealous too of those babies that just pass out in their bouncer! Ryan has never done that! he's always super alert, no pass out patty for us!

  13. You will rock this Allie, just like you rock everything else! <3 Tell Jude to hurry his handsome little butt up! hehe <3

  14. OMG my girls are the same way! Lidia would lay on the couch all day if I let her! Carly cant sit still for even 5 seconds. Literally, we make a joke out of it and time her! Hope Jude is a precious sweet GREAT SLEEPING baby! :)

  15. HA! I love the last pic! That face is priceless! and btw my son never fell asleep at random ...only my daughter did once in the exersaucer hunched over it!

  16. 3 under 3 isn't so bad. 4 under 3... THAT'S scary!!!! Especially when you just had twins...

  17. :) you make me want to throw out my birth control!