Vincent's 3rd Birthday Ideas...

Thank God for Pinterest...
I love just typing in a theme and having everything right there!
It is also nice because Vincent goes back and forth between what he wants...
Robots or Rockets...
I love both of them and I thought about combining them but let's face it...
There are only so many COOL boy themes and I will soon have 3 birthdays a year to plan...
So I don't wanna use up ALL my ammo on one party!!!

Here are the robot ideas that I am digging...
Robot Party
I love this color combo so I will probably use it for whichever theme we do...
I am thinking cute blue and orange Jones Sodas for drinks;) 
Robot party graphics
robot party food
robot party

Now for the rocket ideas...
Who needs party hats when you've got rocket packs?
Easy Rocket Birthday cake.
Space Themed #Birthday Party
Snacks for Space Birthday

I am kind of hoping next time I ask he will say Robots!!!

Have you seen any cute ideas for either of these themes!? 


  1. Love both!
    Check these out!

  2. Definitely Robots. We're doing Pirates for Marco's 3rd.

  3. The robots is so cute.
    Kaylee is having a Toy Story party for her 3rd

  4. I really like the robot theme ideas! Pinterest is amazing!

  5. Oh loooooooove. Now I'm on a mission for Landon's birthday! He's turning 3 in April too. I'm trying to decide between Mickey, Elmo, or Spongebob themes...

  6. How cute- I love both of them! I think I like the robots better BUT that rocket pack is pretty awesome :)

  7. A robot themed party is so neat! I am thinking Nolan will want a car/truck themed party for his 2nd. He loves trucks! :) But who knows by then!

  8. I'm loving the robots, especially the little photobooth robot. That's too cute. Have you checked tip junkie? I'm not sure if she has any or not. Good luck!

  9. OMGooooosh! I am in heaven right now! I love all this... the orange & blue color combo... AND that A-dorable rocket thingeee that boy was wearing! OH so cute! Girrrl, you are going to have 3 parties to plan each year! Good thing you are a pro, but God bless you mama! HEhehee.

    We are beyond excited for little Jude to arrive! Sending lots O love your way friend...! Xo

  10. I love the rocket theme. I bought him his Mickey Mouse rocket ship for his birthday, have rocket t-shirts coming and books. He better do rockets, this Grandma is just saying.

  11. How you turned out these themes? you make it easy to follow.

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