Who else is EXCITED!?

Be still my heart....

I am also very excited because it comes out a few weeks after Jude's birth...
I know I will be a sleep deprived mess...
and her words will be comforting to hear at that point...

I am pushing for us to get 10 mommas together to preorder the book
for our book club so we can get a skype session with Kelle!

Let's face it, Kelle is cooler than any celeb out there!! 
She is an inspiration to me and I cannot wait to read her memoir!

If you have not read Kelle's blog {shame on you! ha}
You can read it here!
Thank me later ;)


  1. I'm in. I want to get this book. I love Kelle too!!

  2. she is amazing!! i want to get her book too!

  3. That video brought me to tears I may have to look into getting it sometime. Having learned before my baby is born that he has a heart defect and going through the grieving period of my baby not going to be normal when he gets here, definitely hit a cord with me.

  4. I can't wait. Her blog is awesome!!!


  5. Oh my I am in love with her blog!! She is just beautiful from the inside out. I can't wait to get a read of her book.