39 weeks....Where are you Jude!?!?

Alright, I really did not think I would make it this far...
But the funny thing is the night I posted my 39 week post for Luke
I went into labor!
Fingers crossed something works....
{I already tried pedicure, spicy food, membrane stripping} haha
I had my appt last week and I was 4cm 50% effaced...
(thankful for only 6 more cm)
So we are making progress...
My next appointment is Thursday, I keep hoping I do not make it to it but 
I have a feeling he is going to come late!! 

I am skipping the whole questions thing because nothing has changed...
Little Jude is being stubborn as all get out!:)

Here are some pics...I am ready to POP....
It hurts to pretty much do anything but I keep pushing myself!
 At least my toes look cute!:) 
Because my chubby face isn't the most flattering! haha
I probably will end the pregnancy with 35 extra lbs!
1/2 of what I gained with Vincent {eeeek}
Which I am thankful for because with Jordan's diet he is way lower in weight and we are no joke
a mere 10 lbs a part at this point!! Which is NOT COOL!
So come on little Jude mommy cannot fathom to weigh in the same weight bracket as daddy!!!

Let's ALL pray this is my last belly post!:)
Thanks so much for ALL YOUR LOVE....
I love all the sweet comments on twitter for #JudeWatch2012!
I will be sure to update twitter while in labor!:)
Unless it is so fast I can't even function....ha


  1. I hope this is it for you! Come on Jude!

  2. What chubby face??? You look gorgeous girlie!

  3. Hope Jude comes sooner than later and chubby?? Who are you kidding? There is nothing chubby about you. U look great!!! :)

  4. I hope he comes soon for you! :) And I think you look amazing at 39 weeks pregnant!!

  5. Oh soooooo excited to see this little loves face! Your gorgeous face, btw, is SO NOT chubby! You dorky dork! Come on Jude... get out of the belly!

    Wishing you the best labor my friend. We'll be praying for ya! XO

  6. I feel your pain. All too well. My next appointment is wednesday and I'm telling her to sweep the CRAP out of my membranes. Get up all in there and shake things around a bit!! Haha. I am ready to pop. Seriously. Just got back from Walmart and I feel so ridiculous with my awful pregnancy waddle. You look beautiful Allie. Praying that Jude comes TONIGHT! Maybe we will go into labor on the same day! Actually I am hoping against that because I am going to have you on speed dial if I freak out during transition and need someone to talk me through it!

  7. Soon excited for you!!! Good luck!

  8. i keep checking back!!! good luck! i know how hard it is to hang in there at the end :) you are a pro!!!

  9. You look great! Prayers to St. Gerard for you for blessings in the next few days (hours???) :)

  10. Hoping he comes soon! And you look great !!!!!!!

  11. Awww it won't be long big mama! I can't wait to see his little face!

  12. #judewatch2012 I love it!!! Come one Jude!!!

  13. I keep expecting to read a "He's Here" post!!! I know you must be so uncomfortable! I hope he come soon!

  14. Praying for ya! I was due a week ago today and STILL NO BABY, so frustrating. I was having painful contractions 8 minutes apart for hours yesterday and I was so sure it was it but then POOF! stopped!

  15. come on baby Jude!! :))

    You look amazing mama!

  16. Let's Go Jude!!!! Praying for you ALL :)

  17. You look great, your face doesn't look chubby at all! And I'm shocked you've made it this far as well. Come on baby!

  18. Little Jude, come meet us:) I'm sure all that baby weight will come off fast judging that you eat well & nurse:)

  19. You're too cute! Crossing my fingers that Mr. Jude makes an appearance VERY soon!!! :)