Centrum Vitamins Giveaway!

I am so excited to be giving away vitamins! 
With being pregnant 3 times I have always searched for the perfect pre-natal pill...
One that isnt HUGE and one that covers all my needs...
Centrum is actually the prenatal pill I have been using all 3 times, 
so therefore I felt that I could properly host a giveaway for them...
PS. Look how cute my boys turned out...
Was it the prenatal pill !?!?! haha
On Centrum's Nutrition Possible site you can fill out a quick assessment to see which vitamins 
would be a great match for you depending on what you eat and your lifestyle.

It only takes like 1-2 minutes and it actually not only suggests what you should take 
as far as vitamins go, but also what foods and exercise would be good for your health.

The Giveaway:
One winner will get...
 $10 off coupon for any Centrum product plus two supplements
Centrum ProNutrients Fruit & Veggie and winner’s choice of: 
Women’s multi-vitamin OR Energy Specialist OR Prenatal Specialist OR Vision Specialist OR Heart Specialist.

To Enter:
Answer these trivia questions, you can answer them in one comment 
For example: ABBD 


Which gives you the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids as one serving of ProNutrients® Omega-3 supplement? 

A.            34 ∏ cooked shrimp 
B.            1 palm size portion of fish
C.            A can of tuna
D.            5 oysters
How many active probiotic cultures does ProNutrients® Probiotic have per serving?
A.            100 thousand
B.            2 billion
C.            1 trillion
D.            1 million
Which of these products supports eye health as indicated by a health icon on its package? (Select all that apply)
A.            Centrum Specialist® Vision
B.            ProNutrients® Fruit & Veggie
C.            ProNutrients® Omega-3
D.            Centrum Specialist® Prenatal
Which of these products supports digestive health as indicated by a health icon on its package? (Select all that apply)
A.            ProNutrients® Omega-3
B.            Centrum Specialist® Energy
C.            ProNutrients® Probiotic 
D.            Centrum® Women Under 50

GOOD LUCK!! Giveaway will last until 3/8 @ 11:59 PM
Winner will be contacted by email on 3/9

Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by One2One Network. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about NutritionPossible.com as a product or its effectiveness.


  1. CDBC....Great and unique giveaway!

    Cool Giveaway!

  3. CDBC
    Thanks for the chance.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  4. C, A, all of the above, and B,C,D. Hmm, I hope my answers don't have to be right to win . . . :-)