The first week with Jude...

Jude will officially be one week tonight at 10:47! 
This week has FLOWN by...
He is seriously an angel...
He sleeps all the time...he rarely cries...and is nursing like a champ...
He is the easiest baby....
{knock on wood everyone}
After Luke, I was VERY nervous...Luke was a horrible sleeper!
Therefore I am feeling very blessed that Jude is so calm and relaxed!
Thank you God!

Also my recovery has been much speedier...
With him being almost a pound smaller than V&L I didn't tear {thank heavens}
I have bounced back fairly well down there haha....
I am just adjusting to my new Dolly Parton "accessories" and lack of energy due to breastfeeding...
I am slowly but surely getting back to normal...
I love waking up to the pounds coming off too!:) 

We have really just doing the normal thing lately...
We are just adjusting to adding Jude to the schedule...
It is shockingly easier than I thought {mainly because he is such a calm babe}
At night he only wakes up to eat then he is out like cold for hours!

I have been going to bed when he does to try and catch some extra z's...
Blogging has taken a step to the back burner
{sorry for lack of comments back guys}
My phone also broke the last week and I have still yet to call and hook up another...
I am kinda enjoying being cut off from the world ;)
It's kinda nice to take a step back and soak in all the wonders of a newborn! 

The weather has also been AMAZING here!
We have been outside every afternoon and just soaking it all in!
Here are some pics from the past few days...
The boys are in LOVE!! 
Luke kisses him EVERY single time he sees him....
It melts my heart....
We found the first flowers of the year....
 And one more baby Jude....
We have Jude's 1st appt tomorrow...I am hoping to have a normal report!:)
I also took a few newborn pics today...I will post those soon ;)

Thanks SO MUCH for all your sweet comments and love!
You guys rock!:)


  1. He's a cutie! all of them are! Glad you are enjoying newborn life! He sounds like a dream baby! CONGRATS!

  2. So thankful he's such a great baby!!! He's sooooo adorable!!!

  3. awww I am so glad your enjoying your time. I was wondering how it was adding another little person. Glad everything is going good and YAY for an easy baby. Jude is just the cutest and I love the kissing pics, so sweet

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well...and Jude is just a little doll. I'm so glad the boys are lovin' on him! YAY for being a sweet boy mom!

  5. All the pics are cute, but the one of Luke kissing Jude melts me.

  6. I bet he's a blog world celebrity already! So handsome Allie!

  7. Allie, the pics of the boys kissing Jude are precious! Please send along those "great baby" vibes my way, I'm getting nervous about adding another! Will was colicky and I don't think I could deal with that for the third. Haha congrats again and can't wait to see your newborn pics.

  8. Oh my he is so sweet!! So glad to hear that you and your family are transitioning well - such a happy time for you!

  9. LOVING him! How often do I tell you that your boys are SO handsome? LOL

  10. Yay for a good sleeper! Yay for the pounds coming off too, I can't wait to lose wait. How are the "big" boys adjusting?

  11. Stay disconnected as long as you can sister! He is TOO cute.

  12. Beautiful photos! Take all the time you need and enjoy every single second of your two little blessings :)

  13. Happy 1 Week, Jude!!! Congrats again girlie, he's precious and I'm so glad to hear he's an angel baby :)

  14. Mama- you are amazing!!! Jude is just precious and the pics of V and L giving him kisses- Gah! Too cute for words!! Sooo glad you're feeling good and glad that Jude has made for such a great addition!!! Lots of love to all!!! Xoxox

  15. Congrats! Glad to hear things are going great!

  16. Oh my ovaries!!! You should post pictures of all the boys as newborns. Are they identical? They look so much alike it is so cute!

  17. yours boys are so gorgeous!!! :)

  18. Wow that last pic Jude looks just like Jordan! He looks a lot like Luke in the others too. Hope his Dr appt went well today!

  19. They're all so precious and I am loving how affectionate Vincent and Luke are with Jude!